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We are a small family owned business who are passionate about what we do. We want to be really different to all other companies by putting you and your baby and child first …. every single time …. and being honest about what we design for you – always things you really need and delivered beautifully and with love!

As we believe children should be children for as long as possible and enjoy the innocence, fun and freedom that those early years bring – we have designed a range of our own little exclusive family of characters to underline our family values. You will see our family season in and out across our ranges … becoming ,we hope, real family favourites.

Your children can grow up alongside our family of characters and enter into new seasonal adventures and themes together with them. Like a special teddy or favourite book- our characters can be cherished every year that your child grows - anticipating the next chapter in both their evolving lives …. all the way to 6 years old. Growing up together, you and your children will come to know our family’s personalities so that you can have your own favourites which may even mirror your own little essential one as they grow and develop – whether into a day dreamer like our Fairy Cat or a magical trickster like Finley Fox. 

We hope that both you and your children become as fond of our animal family as we are.


  • Blinky Bunny

    Blinky Bunny

    Blinky Bunny is the softest bunny you will ever meet! She is gentle and kind and always wants to help everyone she meets. Her favourite hobby is to watch the butterflies and ladybirds in the garden. She watches them so closely they tickle the end of her nose! She keeps the flowers watered and pretty and whispers to the birds so they lend her feathers to tickle Bailey Bear with when he’s not looking. She has the warmest cuddle and her little friends know that she will always make them feel happy whenever they are a bit sad. Sometimes when she’s looking at the grass and the clouds she stumbles, drops things, knocks things over and bangs her fluffy little head but there is always someone nearby to pick her up and dust her off.

  • Bailey Bear

    Bailey Bear

    Bailey Bear is always there when you need a cuddle! He’s always smiling and happy and loves making new friends. His best friend is Blinky Bunny and he loves to spend time with her, even when she tickles him, trips over and giggles at his very good advice and ideas. Bailey does think up the best adventures and is always planning his next day out or camping trip into the great outdoors. He loves to go on buses, trains, boats, scooters and roller skates to get around and see the whole world. His very favourite thing to do is to pack his rucksack and set off for a walk to see what he will see and what he can put into his fantastic stories to tell the family.

  • Ellie Mouse

    Ellie Mouse

    Ellie Mouse is an extremely clever little mouse! She is very, very cute and when she smiles Fairy Cat says she brings sunshine into their little den, even on the rainiest of days. She loves to choose outfits from her dressing up box and her very big wardrobe (for a mouse!) She likes to help her friends choose special clothes for parties and always knows which colours are the best. Ellie scampers around at top speed from one place to another, sometimes going too fast for her own feet as she forgets what it is she’s gone to look for in the first place! Grandma Mouse calls her Eleanor and this makes her whiskers twitch furiously but she knows that Grandma always knows best!

  • Maxie Monkey

    Maxie Monkey

    Maxie Monkey is so cheeky! Everywhere he goes, Toucan goes too. They are a little team and love chattering about anything and everything together. They often stay up late watching the stars and deciding what they will do tomorrow. They are always getting told to be quiet... Sssshhh! But when Maxie and Toucan sing everybody loves to listen. They love to play sports and to get all their friends into teams for football games. Monkey thinks Toucan is the best referee as he always lets him win! Maxie just CANNOT sit still... ever! His energy never runs out and he runs, jumps, swings and bounces everywhere he goes. He loves all types of fruit (which the others say gives him all of his energy) He is the best at making picnics.

  • Fairy Cat

    Fairy Cat

    Fairy Cat is a day dreamer! She thinks she is a princess some days, or a pixie some other days, or on other days even a unicorn or a mermaid but never really just an ordinary cat! Her friends all love to join in and follow her wonderful games to magical lands. She floats on her tippy toes and twirls like a ballet dancer around her imaginary castle and when she is too tired for more adventures she loves to flop onto a cushion and read her big book of ‘Once upon -a -fairytales’ over and again. Fairy cat is so much fun. She sprinkles glitter and happy dust wherever she goes and sits on a cloud of make believe. Just make a wish and she’ll always try and make it come true.

  • Finley Fox

    Finley Fox

    Finley Fox is always up to something! He’s a super busy fox,having fun and playing tricks on all of his friends...but he does make them laugh a lot. He likes to play hide and seek all the time, and to get lost in the maze. He likes to dress up in his cape and perform amazing magic tricks for everyone. He is full of fun and the best at doing silly walks and crazy dancing. He sneaks about at nap time as there just isn’t time for sleeping when there are so many new games to think up. This is when he gets up to most of his mischief, hiding their shoes and socks in the garden! He always leaves clues for them to find them though...That’s why they love him and his Foxy antics.