Top Tips For Helping Your Baby Sleep

As a new parent, life can be totally overwhelming.  All of a sudden your new baby has arrived into the world and you are thrown into a huge range of emotions- absolute love, excitement, contentment, a few nerves and of course a little bit teary.  After all your world has been turned upside down and it takes a while to adjust. It is one of the most life changing experiences you will ever go through.

One thing that you always hear from new parents is about sleep.  Of course, having a newborn means that you will have a lot less sleep than you are used to . You wouldn’t change it for the world, but sleep deprivation can be tough and a lot of parents find the exhaustion the hardest bit about the first early months.

Here at The Essential One we like to make sure that you and your baby are cosy and comfy for those first few months.  We do a gorgeous range of maternity and nursing pyjamas and our sleepsuits are made from 100% cotton, meaning that they are super soft reading for all those sleepy snuggles. We know from experience, that both of you will be living in your pj’s for a while so we want to make sure they are the comfiest they can be.

But what about when it comes to helping your baby sleep? Here are our five top tips for helping baby get into a sleep routine when the time comes that you are both ready for it….

1. Swaddle your baby- Some babies don’t respond well to swaddling but sometimes it can work miracles for your baby when you least expect it. Putting your baby in a lightweight but cosy blanket and wrapping them up (including their arms) like they are in a little cocoon, can often make them feel safe and secure and therefore help them sleep better. Often they wake themselves up as they all have a startle reflex at an early age (has anyone seen a baby suddenly wake themselves and wave their arms violently?!) so by wrapping them up all snug and secure, it can help them have a better sleep.

2. Establish the difference between day and night- Especially in the beginning babies seem to get their day and night confused, sleeping on and off most of the day but wanting to have a party at nighttime. You can help baby learn the difference between night and day in a really simple way. Keep the house bright and noisy during the day, with the TV or radio on for background noise. Chat to your baby lots during feeds etc. At night time do the complete opposite- dim the lights, don’t chat much to your baby and keep it as dark as you can. They will soon learn the difference between the two and it will help them get into a pattern.

3. Don’t expect miracles– Your baby is so new to the world and has a tiny tummy. Don’t expect miracles. We have all heard stories from friends about how their newborn baby slept through the night from a couple of weeks old. But the reality is that isn’t always the case, except for a lucky few. These moments won’t last forever, so treasure those 4am feeds and enjoy this time with your baby. Remember babies go through developmental stages, like teething or sleep regressions, so even if you think you have it sussed one night, the next night might be a different story. Keep your expectations at a steady level and just enjoy that beautiful bundle you created, even if you need matchsticks for your eyes!

4. Have a warm bath as part of your routine– Getting into a routine definitely helps your baby start to know that it is bedtime. One important thing to do could be giving them a warm bath as part of your sleep routine. The warm water will help relax and soothe your baby and putting on a cosy sleepsuit will help him understand that it is time for bed. Plus it is a wonderful bonding experience for you both.

5. Read a story/sing a song/have a massage– You will in time figure out a bedtime routine that works for you and your baby and you will learn from each other. Some ideas could be to read a bedtime story together, sing a lullaby to your baby or even give him or her a massage. All these things can be made into a routine that you will both enjoy together.


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