Top Ten Things You Really Need in the First Year

During pregnancy, especially if you’re on the Insta-Mum hype, you’ll find you’ll be inundated with “BUY ME, YOU NEED ME” type posts from brands with their products. I am due to become a Mum of three in December and over the past four years of Motherhood I have found that the market has changed a lot and the amount of products I have found I have bought and never used quite crazy really.  Becoming a Parent is super expensive and if I can find any way to cut the cost I absolutely will do. I’m a savvy Mum to an extent but at the same time there are some more expensive items I have bought as they will last through more children.

1. Snuzpod

This is one of those more expensive items at around £200 for the bedside crib and mattress but this is absolutely one of those ‘worth it’ items. The Snuzpod mattress is by little green sheep and is breathable and anti-dustmite too. I wouldn’t recommend a moses basket personally as we had one for Lucas and he was so long he grew out of it at 2 months old at that. Iris had one down stairs and I found that I moved it into the attic when she was little as we found using the carrycot from our pram was just as useful for daytime naps.Our Snuzpod lasted until Iris was 8 months old and has already been built for baby number three too and we plan on using it until this baby is 8 months old too. They also sell-on well too on Ebay.

2. Bath Seat

One thing we never used was a baby bath, we used it once or twice with Lucas and never used one with Iris. We found a bath seat so much more useful. A bath seat just goes in your bath and when bathing Lucas anyway when Iris came along, we always bathed them together and it helped with their bond too. They love sharing a bath together now and the seat lasts until they can sit up unaided too. Of course they require supervision but I loved watching Iris kick her little legs around in the bath which wasn’t restricted by a tiny tub.

3. Travel System

A good pram and car seat is something that doesn’t have to have a huge price tag. We purchased the Cosatto giggle2 in pom pom tree with a car seat during an offer for under £500 and when we’re done with it we’ll be selling it on. A good pram is a great investment, We had the Silvercross Wayfarer with Lucas and used the same one with Iris. We sold it when we thought we weren’t having anymore babies just yet but a good pram can last you multiple children if well looked after and I am in love with the Cosatto’s at the moment because they have such gorgeous prints.

4. Sleepsuits

Sleepsuits are so needed! Vests and sleepsuits are going to be your best friends. There’s nothing sweeter than a newborn in a sleepsuit. I wish I’d kept my two in sleepsuits for longer and this time round I will be. I love the essential ones sleepsuits because their unisex sleepsuits are so sweet and they’re so soft and lovely, well made and even have scratch mitts built in until 18 months which is pretty handy for eczema and littles who like to scratch. They wash well too. Also even if you want gender specific clothing, who doesn’t love a newborn in white?

5. Highchair

I made the huge mistake of spending £70 on a highchair with Lucas and it got stained and went mouldy. The second time around we saw the Ikea highchair and just knew it was worth buying and at £15 you cannot go wrong. I would recommend this highchair completely, it’s worth every penny and is immaculate and I can’t wait to get it out again when baby turns 6 months old.

6. Lots of Nappies

I love the pattern on the Kit and Kin nappies and love that they’re bio-degradable but of course it’s not always affordable and we don’t buy them very often. One thing you will need every month is disposable or cloth nappies! We use so many every month and it goes without saying you will need lots of nappies!

7. Sleepyhead

This is one I would say is hit or miss as it depends on your budget and your baby but Iris was the clingiest baby and purchasing a sleepyhead was so worth it. We bought ours secondhand from a friend and sold it on about 2 weeks before finding out we were expecting. For us the sleepyhead was a lifesaver and we will be getting a new one for this baby. The sleepyhead saved my sanity with Iris so for us it really was something we needed in the first year.

8. Bouncer

A bouncer is a life saver too! With both my littles I found they loved to be bounced. They didn’t love their play-gyms but the bouncer is something completely different. I gave up with changing the batteries after the first 2 months and used my foot but it works just as well too. Doing the washing up with a clingy baby? Bounce the bouncer. Need 5 minutes with free arms to update instagram? Bounce that bouncer! The list is endless.

9. Changing Bag

Another one that doesn’t have to cost the earth but you do also have the opportunity to buy a more expensive one too. Ebay do them really cheap and most of the time are a good enough quality too. A changing bag will be used practically daily so its so worth buying one.

10. Cuskiboo

This is something I personally loved with both my children and found really wonderful to use. You sleep with a cuskiboo during pregnancy and then when baby is born you give it to them and it smells like you. Both Lucas and Iris slept with theirs until around their first birthday and we got rid of it as they started to smell. If you have a NICU baby or even a baby who is a bit “clingy” this is a god send. I loved ours a lot and after a wash, they both have them in memory boxes, discoloured but kept for their memories. I really need to get on to buying this baby one.

Having a baby is trial and error and every baby is different. I wasted a lot of money during the first year of Lucas’ life buying everything expensive and then realising half of it didn’t get used or we bought a cheaper alternative during Iris’ pregnancy. I am really looking forward to trying these items out again with this baby.


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