Thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for mums-to-be

If you’re pregnant this Mother’s Day, we think you should still honour the occasion with some kind of celebration. Okay, you’re not ‘technically’ a mum yet, but you are carrying around living, breathing, human life in your belly – and we think that counts. Plus, it’s another excuse to indulge and put your aching feet up – something all mums-to-be need a little more of during pregnancy, right? So, if you’re so inclined to, pass this onto your nearest and dearest. In our opinion, here are some of the most thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for mums-to-be. 

Mama-friendly wardrobe

Help mum-to-be slip into postpartum with a range of stylish garms. Treat her to a selection of our dresses, tops, nursing bras, and bottoms – all of which are super-stretchy, gorgeously soft, and easy to pop on. You won’t find any uncomfortable waistbands here! Kit her out with the essentials, so it’s one less thing to worry about when baby arrives (because we all know shopping with a newborn is a big no-no). 


Add a little glam to her new look with a piece of statement jewellery – something that will bring any outfit to life, especially on those can’t-be-asked, sleep-deprived, baby-brain days. Think bright colours, tassels, or geometric shapes. You can’t go wrong with a bit of sparkle and pizazz. 

Super snug loungewear

During pregnancy and postpartum, it’s very possible those glam days will be outnumbered by lounge days. And for that, mama-to-be will need an arsenal of super snug loungewear. Help her stock up on essential nursing nightwear with our oh-so-stretchy, comfy pyjamas, designed to hug the body and allow for easy nursing throughout the night.

Nourishing, organic body care

During pregnancy, most expectant mothers are on high alert over what they put into and onto their bodies. With this in mind, treat her to organic, natural body care – free-from anything nasty, like chemicals, parabens, and anything artificial – to caress and nourish her tired body. Go for bath salts (side note: Epsom salts are especially good at soothing painful joints), body lotion, or essential oils.


Boy, does your body ache during pregnancy. Your feet kill. Your back is sore. Basically, you’re in a perennial state of discomfort. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give mum-to-be some respite from this. Buy her a massage, or – better still – give her a massage in the comfort of her own home. Mobile therapists exist for a reason!

Luxurious chocolates

Find us a woman who doesn’t like indulging in the sweet, sweet embrace of chocolate. Let’s be real for a second: chocolates, in all their delicious glory, are brilliant presents. Instead of settling for supermarket choccies (still delicious, of course), you could upgrade to homemade truffles or mouthwatering treats from an independent chocolatier. This will surely put a smile on mama-to-be’s face.

Pregnancy journal

Pregnancy can be a tumultuous time for some women. A good way to vent some of those traditional – and not so traditional – pregnancy blahs is through journaling. Treat mama-to-be to a gorgeously bound notebook – a perfect canvas to exorcise the highs, the lows, and everything in between throughout her pregnancy. 


A Mother’s Day staple for a reason; they’re just lovely!

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