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Winter Survival Hacks For Your Family

We know that ‘run-down-feeling’: your body aches, your throat tickles, and you just can’t think straight. You’re getting sick. And sickness can spread like wildfire in your family, especially amongst little ones with their teeny tiny immune systems. But don’t despair. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to keep everyone happy and healthy when cold and flu season strikes. Here are our winter survival hacks for your family.  Get snug as a bug Biting temperatures call for getting cosy in chunky knits and endless hat-scarf-gloves-combos. But instead of throwing one... Read More


How to combat pregnancy fatigue with nutrition

Nothing zaps your energy levels more than having a bun in the oven. But instead of crawling back under the duvet or reaching for calorie-laden pick-me-ups, the antidote to sluggishness could be hiding in your diet. Here’s how to combat pregnancy fatigue with nutrition. So long sleepiness; greetings get-up-and-go! Prioritise breakfast Like an early morning workout or ice-cold shower, eating a well-balanced, nutrient-dense breakfast is one of the best ways to kick start your day during pregnancy. As the old adage goes, ‘breakfast like a king’. Ideally, it needs to... Read More

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Making Christmas Magical for Children – Seven Fun Activities to Make the Festive Season Extra Special

Now we are into November, Christmas is just around the corner. It will soon be time to dust off those decorations and start thinking about making Christmas magical for your children. These are some fun activities to help make the festive season extra special. Make a Christmas Eve Box Christmas Eve boxes have grown in popularity over the past few years. It doesn’t have to be something you spend a fortune on. A simple shoebox wrapped and filled with a few items will be just as magical as a huge... Read More


Is breast really best? The age-old debate

Breastfeeding isn’t a big deal? It almost sounds like blasphemy. Indeed, the message ‘breast is best’ has long been advocated by the World Health Organisation and other presiding health bodies, permeating parenting circles. They propose mothers should feed newborns breast milk for the initial six months to reap the health benefits for themselves and their growing babes. But the notion women must breastfeed is now being challenged. It’s a complicated, sensitive and even politicised issue – and one everyone has an opinion on, too. To set the record straight, we’ve... Read More

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Reasons You Might Want to Find Out the Gender of Your Baby

Finding out the gender of your baby in advance seems to have become quite a divisive topic in recent years. Some people have strong feelings about whether it is right to find out the sex of a baby in advance, and some just feel it’s nicer to keep it a surprise. Having the option to be informed whether the baby is a boy or a girl at your 20 week scan is actually a relatively recent occurrence, with women from my mum’s generation not being given the choice. As with... Read More


Your pregnancy cravings: explained

Pregnancy yens can range from the ordinary to the full-blown extraordinary. Whether it’s a straight-up hankering for the classic jar of pickles, waffles and ice cream, or a more bizarre desire for coal, dirt and even laundry detergent, cravings and pregnancy go hand in hand.  However, why pregnant women experience such weird and wonderful munchies has been hotly debated over the years. On the one hand, scientists and doctors purport they are merely the result of certain nutritional deficits, which aren’t surprising during pregnancy. But on the other, some say there... Read More

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How to Cope when you have a Super Clingy Child

I’ve experienced both fierce independence and intense clinginess in my children; and, rather oddly,  in the same child. I recently wrote about how I’d felt completely defeated by my infant daughter being entirely uninterested in me, always choosing her daddy over mummy – despite the fact she’s breastfed: I was only good for milk, nothing more. It hurt like hell, although I felt silly for allowing it to upset me so much. And then one day everything changed. Literally overnight, my youngest, Elfin, became as high-needs as her big sister.... Read More

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Top Ten Things You Really Need in the First Year

During pregnancy, especially if you’re on the Insta-Mum hype, you’ll find you’ll be inundated with “BUY ME, YOU NEED ME” type posts from brands with their products. I am due to become a Mum of three in December and over the past four years of Motherhood I have found that the market has changed a lot and the amount of products I have found I have bought and never used quite crazy really.  Becoming a Parent is super expensive and if I can find any way to cut the cost... Read More


It’s a boy! Popular baby boy names for 2018

Choosing a name for your baby boy isn’t always a straightforward task, especially when you have plenty of other things on your mind during pregnancy (read: endless clothes-buying, baby shower-planning and nursery- decorating). As far as names go, you’re spoilt for choice: do you go for classic or unconventional? Gender neutral or biblical? If you’re still toing-and-froing with your partner, mother-in-law, or the corners of your own mind, this might just help. Published by the Office for National Statistics, here are 25 of the most popular boys’ names for 2018, along with their... Read More

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Easing the Transition to Preschool or Reception

I wasn’t really expecting to be writing this post so far into our daughter, Pixie’s, preschool career. She’s just turned four and now been attending for a year. However it transpires that just because a child has previously been settled, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they’ll remain so. Unfortunately we currently find ourselves back in a situation where our daughter is not very happy at drop off, and doesn’t want to be in preschool. There’s nothing worse than taking your child somewhere that’s supposed to be both safe and fun,... Read More