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21 Things I Learnt About Breastfeeding- A Guest Post.

Today we have a wonderful guest post from one of our Essential One Ambassadors Charlie who blogs over at ‘Learning lessons in Mummyography.’  You should check out her blog for lots of wonderful photos, and great posts all about motherhood and beyond.  If you do plan on nursing your baby we have a great range of nursing essentials that are comfy and fashionable too. Let’s hand over to Charlie…. I never expected breastfeeding to be what it became to me. I went in to motherhood with a vague notion that... Read More


Kristal – Top 5 Positive Things About Pregnancy!

I want to celebrate how much my amazing female body, like those of all mummy’s, has achieved. Here is my list of the top 5 positive things: The kindness of other women – let me explain. I’ve always been a bit of a Tomboy at heart with most of my friends being fellas. But since being pregnant I’ve found the female friends I have in my life have shown me such kindness and support – whether they are mothers or not. It’s really opened up my eyes to a whole... Read More


‘My experiences of pregnancy the sixth time around’ – Kara: Mum to be.

It is Kara’s turn, we asked her some questions as she is an experienced Mummy to five…. How this pregnancy has differed to your others? It is true what they say “Every Pregnancy is different” – not one of mine has been the same.  I was however convinced that bump was a girl this time as I tend to suffer with morning (all day) sickness for longer with girls, but this one has proved me wrong and although I am not suffering daily, it still comes and goes even now!... Read More