Integrated Scratch Mitts Up To 18 Months

Our ethos here at The Essential One, is to provide you with essentials that you really need. With that in mind, we ensure that all of our newborn range is made from 100% superfine cotton as it is soft and breathable against your baby’s delicate skin. Equally, if not more importantly… we ensure that all of our sleepsuits have integrated scratch mitt cuffs on all sizes up to 18 months. Many brands only do this for their teeniest sizes. Read below and find out why we believe this is so important.

The Importance of Integrated Scratch Mitts


  • You do not have to worry that they will fall off or get lost, particularly when they get older and stronger.
  • Newborns can often be born with long nails and can have a habit of scratching themselves particularly when they are asleep. If you do not want to cut their nails when they are so little, having integrated scratch mitts are a handy alternative to stop their scratching.
  • Eczema (or other skin conditions) are extremely common in babies. This is where the skin is inflamed and irritated and becomes hot and itchy. Therefore, scratching is hard to avoid but once the skin is broken and cracked this could lead to infection. This is the main reason why we include integrated scratch mitts on all sizes up to 18 months as eczema does not just affect newborns. Using a gentle and mild cleanser and moisturiser will help protect your baby’s skin and integrated scratch mitts will help to stop them scratching.


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  • Lucie

    You legends! Been desperately trying to find larger sleepsuits with built in mitts. Fab!

    • Norma O'Donnell

      Where cai I buy sleep suits with scratch mittens

  • Janine

    I am so happy you do this! I need these because my 8 month old gets really distracted by his hands when he is trying to sleep. If his mittens fall off in the night he will wake up screeching with excitement and he starts playing with the bars on his cot. Total nightmare. So this is a total sanity saver!

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