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5 Top Tips to Survive the Summer Holiday

I’ve written several times about my lack of love for the six weeks holidays, but the truth is that it’s not the summer break I despise at all – it’s noise and crowds. Enforced time with my girls which I’d otherwise spend working is actually a blessing – it’s the reason I chose a flexible career. I’m very fortunate to be in a position where I can opt to work a little less over the summer and enjoy a little more ‘girl-time’ with my babies. Of course whether by necessity or... Read More

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Top 5 Tips for Flying with your Child

I’m not a nervous flyer, I’m usually very organised. I’ll ensure I have a power bank or some form of charger for my devices, I’ll download movies to my phone or iPad to keep me amused, and I make sure I have snacks and a drink, so it’s basically like my commute into work, only my ears won’t pop and I don’t get the option of cool aircon above me. When you have a child, it’s a different ball game, but it’s about knowing your child and planning ahead and... Read More

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Top 5 Tips for Introducing Older Siblings to a New Baby

Telling your children their going to be a brother or sister is both exciting and nerve wracking. How will they take the news? Will they accept the news and look forward to it or will they worry about the threat of a new sibling stealing their parents attention? What will happen when the baby is here? When we told Olly he was going to be a big brother in July last year, I was really looking forward to seeing how he would take the news. He doesn’t like change but... Read More

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Top 10 Tips for Moving House with a Baby

Moving house can sometimes be bittersweet. You are about to embark on an exciting new chapter with your baby, but you are feeling stressed and unsettled. If you want some advice to make your life easier and keep your baby happy during the move, these top ten tips will help you on your way! Get your baby’s things organised first Not knowing where to start? Start with your baby’s things first. Although there will still be all of your own stuff to pack up, the peace of mind that your... Read More


Essentials You Really Need in the First Six Weeks

Written by Mrs Shilts When you’re expecting a baby, it can be overwhelming thinking about all the stuff a newborn needs. In reality, they don’t really need that much stuff; they just need love (plenty of cuddles), warmth (appropriate clothing), milk (obviously) and security (somewhere safe to sleep). But what about all the other things parents need in their first few weeks of looking after their little one. Having very recently been through those first six weeks (my little boy is just 9 weeks old). Here’s a list of my... Read More

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Figuring out Life as a Stay at Home Mum

Written by Holly from Little Pickle’s Mom I think part of me always knew I’d end up being a Stay at Home Mum. I kept telling myself throughout my pregnancy that I’d wait and see how I felt. You can never know how you’ll feel until it comes down to it… except, I did know. I wanted to be at home with my boy. We could just about afford for me not to work (or were in denial enough to give it a go, anyway) and after a difficult time at... Read More


Using Compression Socks During Pregnancy

By Sarah, Editor of Compression Info. Sarah enjoys living an active lifestyle, which is why she values the importance of sharing and exchanging information about the benefits of compression gear. Why your Feet Swell During Pregnancy… With pregnancy comes a whole new list of things that will start happening to your body. One of these things is swelling. Your body will produce about 50% more blood and bodily fluids when you are pregnant. This is a normal occurrence and is called edema. Pregnant women experience it on the face, hands,... Read More

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The Power of Online Friendships

By Susanne from Ghost Writer Mummy Thirteen and a bit years ago, I took a pregnancy test. And as the boldest of blue lines began to appear, my world started to shift. It was as though the ground beneath my feet was becoming softer, and I was suddenly more vulnerable, more prone to sinking. Literally everything changed that day and I’ll be the first to admit that it was pretty terrifying. It took a while to get used to the fact that I was growing a whole new person all... Read More


Holiday Packing for your Children

Holidays are something we all look forward to and get excited to get booked and on the calendar. But when it comes to packing for them some of us find ourselves a bit lost and unstuck of what we should be taking with us for our children.  I have learnt over the last few years a few little tips and tricks that I thought I would share with you. I blog over at 1. Make a list before you start Who needs what and how many. That way you... Read More

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Changing Relationships after your First Baby

Written by Holly from Little Pickle’s Mom Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: It’s the thing you’ll get told countless times during your first pregnancy, and you’ll spend months trying to prepare yourself for it, but life really does change when you become a parent. I thought I was ready to welcome this change – I readied myself for the nappy changes, tried to get my head around the prospect of sleepness nights and made the most of being able to drink hot drinks before they went cold, but the... Read More