Best ways to celebrate baby’s first Easter

Easter conjures up images of bunnies, chocolate eggs, and lambs grazing on grassland. But this year is different. Forget stuffed toys – you’ll have the cutest bunny of them all. Yes, this Easter you’ll be holding a very real, very adorable tiny human. And even though your little one is too wee for chocolate and sweets galore, you can still celebrate this holiday in a meaningful and memorable way. It’s the perfect occasion for gathering with family, starting traditions, capitalising on cute photo opportunities, or simply celebrating new life. Here are the best ways to celebrate baby’s first Easter.

Have an Easter brunch

We all know that lugging a newborn to a restaurant isn’t for the faint-hearted (plus, the Easter holiday will undoubtedly bump up the bill!). Why not relax and celebrate in the comfort of your home, instead? Throwing together a big brunch shouldn’t be as demanding as a full-blown Easter dinner. Use your new-mum status to get everyone to muck in, too. Perhaps Grandma can snuggle little one while you make a start on the eggs? Or better yet, get the boys to put on the spread so you can take five and soak up the Easter spirit.

Start a family tradition

Since you’re now technically a ‘family’, you might want to think about starting a unique family tradition that you practice every Easter. Perhaps you’ll decide to go to church? Perhaps you’ll host an annual Easter egg hunt for the entire family?  Or perhaps you’ll hand paint Easter eggs and decorate the house with them. Decide what you think matters most to your new clan, and make this the first year you give it a whirl.

Create baby an Easter basket

Sure, your little one probably won’t appreciate the full extent of your efforts (or the efforts of the ‘Easter bunny’, we should say), but creating an Easter basket of goodies is still a wonderful opportunity to make her ‘goo’ and ‘gah’ with happiness. Weave a basket with ribbon, and fill it with all of her favourite things: soft plush toys, teething rings, brightly coloured eggs, rattles, and a cosy bunny blanket. Then, sit back and watch her smile. It will make your Easter!

Dress baby up

Want an excuse to buy your babe the cutest bunny outfit going? Well, now you do! Easter is the perfect time to go all out on the costume front and take full advantage of the many adorable photo opportunities that will present themselves. Think a snuggly onesie complete with bunny ears or hat. Oh, and if you have more children, you can just save the outfit and add it to your repertoire of family traditions for Easter. If you think a bunny costume is going OTT, a pretty dress or cute two-piece will also work a treat.

Plant a tree

To embrace this vital time of year – and celebrate the birth of your babe – you could plant a shrub in your garden or on your patio (a house tree will also work). Each year, you’ll witness the tree developing – its branches and leaves growing – just like your little babe. Heck, you could even name the tree after your child, and continue the cycle with every newbie that enters your family. Once your child is old enough to understand, you can explain the tree was planted the year they were born, which will no doubt add to its sentimental value and encourage your little one to nurture it, too (awww).

Visit nature

Easter is such a hopeful time of year. Marking the beginning of spring, this holiday sees the awakening of new life – flowers are blossoming, trees are flourishing, and wildlife is surfacing from hibernation. Let your little one bask in the glory of springtime. Go for a walk in the woods, park, nature preserve or on the beach. Chances are, she won’t remember it. But one thing is for sure: you’ll start sowing the seeds for an appreciation of nature. A priceless gift!

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