January 2019


Veganism in pregnancy: the ultimate guide

Veganism has entered the zeitgeist in full force recently. People are turning to this plant-based diet for a host of reasons: personal growth, health, environmental factors, as a stand against animal cruelty, or simply to jump on the #vegnauary hype. There’s no doubt this regimen is as healthy as they come (hello clear skin, trim waist, and bags of energy); but concerns have been raised over its place in pregnancy. Critics of the diet worry about safety. And understandably so, you are growing a tiny babe, after all – and... Read More


Pregnancy and Exercise: What’s Safe?

Hitting-up the gym may take an extra dose of oomph and motivation in pregnancy, but trust us when we say the well-being dividends will pay off. A regular exercise regime will support sleep, minimise constipation, reduce nagging aches and pain, and even lower the risk of gestational diabetes. Plus, working out floods your body with endorphins – those ‘feel good’ hormones that boost your emotional well-being and strive to keep pregnancy and postnatal mood disturbances at bay. Here’s your guide to pregnancy and exercise: what’s safe?  Will exercise harm my baby?... Read More


New Year’s Resolutions for Pregnancy

That time has come around again: the New Year. And, as everyone will tell you; there’s no better occasion to implement positive changes than a brand spanking new year. But instead of vowing to hit the gym, be more frugal, or to simply get more organised – admittedly, resolutions we all make but fail to keep – why not make your promise a little more, well, pleasurable? You are pregnant after all. And growing a tiny human is hard (ahem, ahem: morning sickness, sore feet, and fluctuating hormones). In fact,... Read More