September 2018

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Easing the Transition to Preschool or Reception

I wasn’t really expecting to be writing this post so far into our daughter, Pixie’s, preschool career. She’s just turned four and now been attending for a year. However it transpires that just because a child has previously been settled, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they’ll remain so. Unfortunately we currently find ourselves back in a situation where our daughter is not very happy at drop off, and doesn’t want to be in preschool. There’s nothing worse than taking your child somewhere that’s supposed to be both safe and fun,... Read More


It’s a girl! Popular baby girl names for 2018

The big day is nearing. You’ve brushed up on all your baby knowledge at NCT. You’ve got a wardrobe chocker-full of gorgeous garments. And you’re adding the final touches to baby’s room. It’s all coming together quite nicely. But how much thought have you given to your little girl’s name? Don’t be fooled; this isn’t a simple task – oh no. Your tiny babe will wear this name for the rest of her life, so it requires just as much consideration as your choice of pram or curtain colour. If... Read More

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Getting Your Newborn into a Routine

 Are you a first time parent? Did you bring your newborn baby home in the excitement of becoming a family and asked yourself now what? I will admit, I did this all three times I brought one of my children home for the first time. It took a few days to get into the baby routine of feeding, napping and sleeping. I have always been a firm believer in having a routine to follow. Not just because babies thrive on routines but also because I knew what came next. I... Read More


Pregnancy Nutrition: Your Guide To Prenatal Supplements

It’s no secret that optimal nutrition will lay the groundwork for a healthy, happy pregnancy. Just think of all the goodness your body needs to create a little human! Thanks to our highly refined, modern-day diets, getting your daily allowance of all the essential baby-growing nutrients can be pretty darn difficult (even if you’re eating the healthiest diet around!) The solution? Supplementation. Convenient, economic and oh-so-nourishing, supplements will ensure you and your tiny nugget receive the maximum benefit from all the vitally important nutrients. Though, there are many helpful products on... Read More