August 2018

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5 Ways to Strengthen your Baby’s Bond with the Other Parent

It can be difficult and upsetting to come to terms with the fact that your baby is more content with one parent over the other. It’s a hard situation for both parents to be in, with lots of new mums and dads feeling like they are doing something wrong and that it is somehow their fault. It is not anybody’s fault and from my own personal experience, I know how low it can make you feel. From around 4 months of age, my baby started to become distressed and upset when... Read More


The Art of Conversation: Helping Baby Speak

According to a raft of scientific evidence, chatty parents raise bright children. In fact, if you really want to help your tiny babe along the linguistic path, nattering away to her is one of the most conscientious things you can do. Though it may seem futile to converse with someone who can only muster a nonsensical babble back, baby is constantly learning from your communicative exchanges. Want your little one to become a verbal whizz? Here’s your essential guide to helping baby speak.  Start talking to baby early You may think it’s... Read More

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5 Top Tips to Survive the Summer Holiday

I’ve written several times about my lack of love for the six weeks holidays, but the truth is that it’s not the summer break I despise at all – it’s noise and crowds. Enforced time with my girls which I’d otherwise spend working is actually a blessing – it’s the reason I chose a flexible career. I’m very fortunate to be in a position where I can opt to work a little less over the summer and enjoy a little more ‘girl-time’ with my babies. Of course whether by necessity or... Read More


How can I stop baby hiccuping?

C’mon, baby hiccups are pretty cute, right? Hmm…debatable. Unfortunately for parents, it’s not as easy to instruct little ones to drink a glass of water upside down or hold their breath (two so-called hiccuping ‘cures’). Fortunately, though, there are several tricks to prevent hiccups from striking in the first place, and even ways to stop baby hiccuping when an episode does hit.  What causes baby to hiccup? Hiccups are an enigmatic biological phenomenon – no one’s entirely sure how or why they occur. As we know ourselves, hiccups often strike without... Read More