July 2018

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Top 5 Tips for Flying with your Child

I’m not a nervous flyer, I’m usually very organised. I’ll ensure I have a power bank or some form of charger for my devices, I’ll download movies to my phone or iPad to keep me amused, and I make sure I have snacks and a drink, so it’s basically like my commute into work, only my ears won’t pop and I don’t get the option of cool aircon above me. When you have a child, it’s a different ball game, but it’s about knowing your child and planning ahead and... Read More

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Top 5 Tips for Introducing Older Siblings to a New Baby

Telling your children their going to be a brother or sister is both exciting and nerve wracking. How will they take the news? Will they accept the news and look forward to it or will they worry about the threat of a new sibling stealing their parents attention? What will happen when the baby is here? When we told Olly he was going to be a big brother in July last year, I was really looking forward to seeing how he would take the news. He doesn’t like change but... Read More


How to plan a baby shower step by step

The arrival of your little babe is fast approaching. Everyone is waiting with baited breath to meet the new member of your family – and what better way to celebrate this joyous occasion than with a party? Whether you’re the mum-to-be, best friend or family member, a baby shower requires several key ingredients and some savvy decision-making. What theme do you go for? What activities, if any, will you choose to do? And then there’s the question of location. Typically, baby showers take place five weeks before the mother’s due... Read More

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Top Tips for a Day at the Beach with the Kids

Living in Bournemouth, we are very fortunate to have some brilliant beaches right here on our doorstep. The children love heading down with their buckets and spades and wiling the time away in the sand. Whether you live near the sea or planning a summer trip, here are my top tips for a beach day. Head Down Early… When summer hits, the beaches get absolutely packed. To ensure you get a parking space and make the most of the day, head down as early as possible. As tempting as it... Read More

Your essential guide to pregnancy hormones

Pregnancy can turn any seemingly sane woman into an unpredictable and volatile creature – and for good reason. The culprit? Hormones. Blamed for every bloat and blemish, this turbo cocktail of chemicals has earned itself a pretty bad rep during pregnancy. It’s not all bad news though. You’ll be glad to hear pregnancy hormones are responsible for some pretty incredible feats too. (Ahem, brace yourself for the inundation of compliments you’ll receive about your luscious locks and gorgeous glow!) Considering they take your body – and mind, for that matter... Read More


Don’t panic! Labour guide for Dads-To-Be

Though no one wants to see a loved one suffer in pain, admittedly, most fathers see the birth of their little babe as one of life’s finest moments. Of course, what makes this occasion even sweeter is the knowledge you’ve been there to help and support your partner. But given birth is, um…pretty darn agonising, finding the right words and actions can be somewhat tricky. With that in mind, here’s our mum-approved labour guide for dads-to-be, so you can become the perfect birthing partner.  Take care of yourself Now, this... Read More

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Top 10 Tips for Moving House with a Baby

Moving house can sometimes be bittersweet. You are about to embark on an exciting new chapter with your baby, but you are feeling stressed and unsettled. If you want some advice to make your life easier and keep your baby happy during the move, these top ten tips will help you on your way! Get your baby’s things organised first Not knowing where to start? Start with your baby’s things first. Although there will still be all of your own stuff to pack up, the peace of mind that your... Read More