February 2018


Essential Baby Nursery Tips

We asked our customers for their #essentialnurserytips from one parent to another. Little snippets of wisdom and what they wish that they’d known before putting together their baby’s nursery. Take a look at our nursery bedding collections for inspiration. Here are their top 10 baby nursery tips: 1. Safety First My main tip would be safety first. Decide where your going to place your cot and keep your cot away from anything hazardous. Such as windows, radiators, lamps, wall decorations and blind cords. Also fix nursery furniture to the wall... Read More


3 Tips to Help Busy Mums get to the Gym

By Susanne from Ghostwritermummy If there’s one thing I’ve learned since I started going to the gym it’s that there are days (many of them) where I literally have to make time to go. I’m busy. Very busy. Four children, a business to run and a husband who works away ensures that every single day is flat out, 100 miles an hour busy. But one thing I always, always do is make it to the gym every single day. Unless there is no way around it, I go every day.... Read More


Craft Ideas for Outgrown Baby Clothes

5 Craft Ideas for Outgrown Baby Clothes Written by Holly from Little Pickle’s Mom I get sentimental about everything. I find myself getting attached to the weirdest of things because I love the memories I get to relive. Like a pair of stones Pickle once clutched so tightly and fell asleep holding after an older toddler had given them to him as a ‘present’. If I can’t bring myself to chuck a couple of pebbles out, can you imagine how many old baby clothes I’m currently hoarding? I have them all.... Read More


How to Test for Pregnancy at Home

Bio: Sophia Nguyen is the owner of “Healthy Baby Happy Earth” website. She is a blogger, and she loves writing about pregnancy, babies and helping new mom by providing only the useful information. Read her new post What I Needed 16 years ago… Once upon a time, in November 2001, I was a young mother to an 8-month-old, living on a tight income. I had just missed my period and was even more exhausted than normal. My mind filled with anxious thoughts. After all, we were moving in a week... Read More