April 2017

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Changing Relationships after your First Baby

Written by Holly from Little Pickle’s Mom Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: It’s the thing you’ll get told countless times during your first pregnancy, and you’ll spend months trying to prepare yourself for it, but life really does change when you become a parent. I thought I was ready to welcome this change – I readied myself for the nappy changes, tried to get my head around the prospect of sleepness nights and made the most of being able to drink hot drinks before they went cold, but the... Read More


Managing between a Toddler and a Newborn

By Rebecca Wilson from Me & You Raising Two Managing your time equally between your toddler and newborn is something, with the best will in the world, you can’t prepare for. Thinking the other day about Emelia, and how well (on the whole) she has adapted to a new baby made me think how I’d feel if Brett came home one day and said “This is my new wife! She’s going to be around for the rest of our lives, I’ll still love you and spend time with you but... Read More

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Reusable Cloth Nappies

By Katie Atkinson from Gold Dust Prior to having my little girl I hadn’t considered anything other than disposable nappies. If it wasn’t for having a newborn trial pack of reusable pop-in nappies, I probably wouldn’t have thought twice. But here we are, almost 9 months down the line and firmly using (and loving) reusable nappies. So here’s my top ten reasons you should give cloth a go: It Saves Money This is one of the biggest factors for me. The first few weeks we used countless packs of disposable... Read More

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Bonding with your Baby

A Personal Experience By Kirsty McManus from Life With Boys During pregnancy, we all have a preconceived idea of what life with a new baby will be like. Child-birth should have been a heart warming experience. The midwife should have placed my son in my arms and I should have been overwhelmed with unconditional love. I would have cried, unable to bottle up my emotions. When he cried, my heart would hurt, but I would know exactly what was wrong with him and how to fix it. You can imagine... Read More


What to Eat (and Not Eat) when you are Pregnant

During pregnancy, a few things will stress you out…but eating should not be one of them!  Unfortunately, much of the well-meaning advice you receive from friends and family is based on popular old wives’ tales and is enough to confuse anyone. This article is designed to dispel the rumours and provide some clarity on the issue. Highlighting the foods women should steer clear of, and those that are safe to enjoy in pregnancy. Advice written for you by Rosie from Bump and Beyond Nutrition. FOODS TO AVOID IN PREGNANCY Blue-veined... Read More