March 2017


5 Reasons You’re Nailing Motherhood

By Lucie from lucielovesit As a first-time mum, I spent weeks dealing with baby blues and second guessing myself. I was struggling with my C-section and being in hospital for over a week. It’s only now, 5 months down the line, I can see things more clearly and I feel I’ve got more of a grip on Motherhood.  I look back and can see so many ways I put myself down and discredited myself when in fact, I’m doing an amazing job with Amelia and I should celebrate the little... Read More


Life After a Traumatic Birth

Written by Susanne Remic from Ghost Writer Mummy When you’re pregnant, there’s no shortage of anecdotes, advice and ‘top tips’ to help you through each trimester. What to eat, wear…even what to name your baby. And there’s plenty of information on the birth too. Expect it to hurt, but expect it to be worth it. Ask for drugs, but not that one, or that one. Make a plan, but don’t expect to stick to it. Nobody really prepares you for when that birth plan you spent ages poring over actually... Read More

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What New Mums REALLY Need

Written by Georgina Clarke Becoming a new Mum for the first time can be extremely overwhelming at the best of times. You want to feel prepared and have everything that you could ever need for your newborn. But how can you know exactly how much and of what are necessities? Georgina has created a list below which separates the needs from the wants. Here are her ‘New Mum Essentials’: For Baby: Sleepsuits, sleepsuits, sleepsuits The main thing you’ll be told when you’re pregnant is “don’t buy too many clothes, they... Read More


Adjusting to Life with Little Sleep

Written by Holly from Little Pickle’s Mom Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: I set my expectations very low whilst I was pregnant. I pretty much spent the whole nine months trying to prepare myself for a baby that cried constantly and never slept. The good news is that my little one is a fairly happy chap. But it’s eight months down the line and we’ve not yet hit the holy grail of ‘sleeping through’ and he’s showing no signs that this might happen any time soon. In fact, last... Read More


How to Manage Stretch Marks with Nutrition

Advice written especially for you and us by Rosie Letts – discover the best food to eat when pregnant to help minimise and prevent stretch marks from our favourite Pregnancy and Fertility nutritionist. We all dread them…and yet we are told there is nothing we can do about them! There is, undeniably, a genetic element to stretch marks. However I want to highlight that you CAN help your skin stretch to accommodate your growing bump. The best way to do this is by improving the elasticity of your skin,... Read More


Our Top 10 Children’s Books

Written by Alaina Howie from Mulberry Mummy Instagram: I’ve always loved books. I resisted the charms of Kindle for a long time because it couldn’t offer me the same experience that a real book does. There’s something about books –the smell, the feel and the experience of turning the pages in anticipation that I can’t get enough of. I remember reading in my bedroom from an early age.  I used to pour over Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton and CS Lewis. My favourite treat when shopping was to go to the... Read More