September 2016


What to Expect in your baby’s first week

So the day you have been waiting for for so long has finally arrived- you’ve given birth to your beautiful new baby and now it is time to go home from the hospital. The first week at home is a mixture of the most heightened emotions- ranging from utter bliss, happiness and love, to extreme tiredness, worry and nerves. It is the most amazing time, but it can be really daunting. Here is our guide to the first week at home with your baby… Emotions Usually around day 2-5 your... Read More


Why You Need a Pramsuit…

In the last few days autumn has definitely arrived and it’s time to start thinking about warmer clothes for your baby. Here at The Essential One, we really pride ourselves on our huge selection of pramsuits- guaranteed to keep your baby snuggly and cosy in the cold weather. But why do you need a pramsuit? Pramsuits are great for layering. You of course want your baby to be warm and cosy when out and about in their pram or buggy, but at the same time you don’t want them to... Read More


Things I have learnt since becoming a Mum…

1. That it doesn’t matter if your baby girl is dressed in a bright pink babygrow, sitting in a pink car seat and cuddling a pink teddy bear- you will get at least a couple of people come up and ask you ‘Is it a boy or a girl?’ 2. That regardless of how much you pretend you don’t care, you do inwardly swear at the people who ask if your baby girl dressed in a bright pink babygrow, sitting in a pink car seat and cuddling a pink teddy... Read More


Why You Need Lots of Babygrows…

Babygrows, sleepsuits, all in ones, onesies…whatever you want to call them! Are such a huge essential to your baby’s wardrobe in the first few months. When you are pregnant, you imagine dressing your baby in lots of cute and stylish little outfits. And of course you do that. But the reality is that it is often just easier to dress them in babygrows. They are ridiculously comfy, easy to get on and off for the umpteen nappy changes, and will wash easily too. Variety of Sizes Is it possible to have... Read More


Pregnancy Sleep Problems – Top 5 Tips

Generally every lady will suffer from pregnancy sleep problems. Whether this is in the early days when hormones and sickness play a part, or towards the end when you just cannot get comfy, pregnancy sleep problems can be ongoing. The first step can be as simple as a good pair of pyjamas. Here are our top tips to beat pregnancy sleep problems: Pregnancy Pillow– These are absolutely fantastic – a lot of pregnant ladies swear by them. Pregnancy pillows are generally v shaped which you can put between your legs... Read More

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What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag – For Baby

We’ve written a blog post regarding the essentials you need in your hospital bag for Mum.  Now it’s time for bits to take for baby for your stay in hospital.  Of course each birth is different and you don’t know for sure how long you will be in hospital for, but as a rough guide here are our Essentials! Here at Essential One, one of the things we do best is get you prepared for hospital and those first few weeks with your baby.  We do lots of newborn essentials,... Read More


How to Dress your Baby…

If you are a first time Mum, chances are you are going to feel a little daunted about the prospect of having a baby, however excited you are. One thing that may sound simple, but that actually can be quite daunting is how to dress your newborn baby… With that in mind we have produced a video to help guide you in the best way to dress your newborn baby in layers of clothing… You can check out our full range of newborn essentials over on our website.