August 2016


Should my baby have a dummy?

To let your baby have a dummy or not is one thing that is guaranteed to stir up debate amongst parents. We all know someone whose child has had real difficulties being weaned off a dummy (hello dummy fairy!), but then at the same time we have also all heard stories of baby’s who are absolutely fine when the time comes to get rid of it, and who have slept fantastically as a result. But should you let your baby have a dummy? The Pros… Of course having a moment... Read More


Telling your toddler they are having a baby sibling

Most parents can’t wait to spill the beans to their little one that they will be having a baby brother or sister in the not so distant future. However it can also be nerve wracking as well, as you want them to understand and grasp the concept as much as they can. A young toddler might find it quite hard to understand that there is a baby growing in your tummy, plust they may not have the vocabulary or cognitive skills to portray the way they are feeling. Plus of... Read More


Five Top Tips for starting Potty Training

Starting to potty train your child can seem like a really daunting prospect. Some children take to it straight away, while others take a little longer to come around to the idea. Whichever your child is, we wanted to share five top tips to help ease you into the potty training process… Go to the shop to buy pants/a potty Make the whole concept of potty training a little bit of an adventure. Why not go together and buy a potty or buy some pants or knickers with your child’s... Read More

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10 Facts About Breastfeeding…

Here at The Essential One, we believe in selling just the essential clothes that you will need for your baby.  The same goes for our maternity range, we make comfortable, soft, stretchy clothes that will last you from when you find out you are pregnant until the first few months after you give birth. With that in mind most of our maternity clothes are fully accessible for nursing Mummy’s if you decide to breastfeed your baby.  We believe that every woman has a right to choose how you wish to... Read More


Is My Child Ready For Potty Training?

Potty Training, especially if it is your first child, can be a really daunting prospect. So many parents worry about when is best to potty train. The advice you hear over and again is ‘when they are ready.’ But how do you know when your son or daughter is ready to start attempting to give potty training a go? The first thing we will say from experience is that potty training, just like any milestone in your childs life, can be really varied. Just because your friends daughter was fully... Read More


Top Tips for Fussy Eaters

At least at some point in your child’s early years they will no doubt go through a ‘fussy’ stage when it comes to food. You may have a baby that eats anything and everything, who might suddenly become a fussy four year old, or a baby who won’t eat much at all, who will turn round and try everything that is put on their plate when they turn three. Children’s diet, or lack of in some cases, is a cause of anxiety and worry for a lot of parents, and... Read More


Top Breastfeeding Superfoods

At The Essential One we do our best to stock only what you really need for you and your baby – the clue is in our name, we specialise in the Essentials you need throughout pregnancy and the first year of your baby’s life. We are really proud of our maternity range, and the fact that we offer a wide range of nursing and breastfeeding clothes as well. If you do choose to breastfeed your baby, then it’s important to keep a well balanced diet. After all, your baby is... Read More


Getting Your Child Emotionally Ready For School.

In just a few short weeks a new school year will begin and there will be lots of young children getting ready to start reception. It is such a hugely emotional and nerve wracking time, for them and you. Here we give our top tips for helping your child get ready for school emotionally…. Go on an exciting trip to buy school bits Why not go on a day out together to buy the essential back to school bits? If you have other children, why not leave them at home... Read More