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Top Tips to Relieve Pregnancy Boredom

What could be more exciting than the first few months of pregnancy? You’ve just been told you’re going to be a mum; you’re constantly receiving compliments about your gorgeous ‘glow’ – not to mention your luscious locks; and yes, you can indulge in that tub of ice cream without feeling (too) guilty.  Pregnancy is a pretty rosy picture, don’t you think? Hmm…the jury’s still out. Indeed, when you hit month six or seven, the journey towards motherhood is a different story. You have to pee umpteen times, you struggle to get comfy in bed, and your back is quite simply killing you. Sure, you get to muse over baby names and lay in bed all day, but you also encounter the daily joys of heartburn, baby brain and out-and-out boredom. So, how can you regain control over your life and bash those pregnancy blahs? Here are some mum-approved ways to relieve pregnancy boredom and inject a little pizazz into your days. 

Plan for baby

Obvious, but true: having a baby can be overwhelming – especially if it’s your first, so preparation is key. Fill any humdrum pregnancy moments with baby planning: choose a colour scheme for the nursery, organise your baby shower, or shop for baby carriers and cute outfits. If you’re stuck on names, get your friends and family to vote on their favourites. You could even make a list of all the practical and cost-effective solutions for everyday parenting challenges if you’ve already had a baby. Either way, you should have plenty to do!

Start blogging

Blogging is now a firm favourite of the social zeitgeist. The beauty of this medium is that you don’t even need to be particularly tech-savvy to start, thanks to a number of free, user-friendly platforms (Wix and Tumblr, we’re looking at you). Writing a blog, keeping a vlog (video blog) or updating your social accounts can be a productive and fun way to stave off pregnancy boredom. Blogging also allows you to garner support from other expectant mothers, speak frankly about pregnancy (which can be oh-so-cathartic), and have something tangible to record your pregnancy.  If you’re a self-professed technophobe, you could try keeping a journal instead. Who knows, you could even read excerpts to your child one day?


Streamlining your living space can be a gratifying way to relieve pregnancy boredom. There’s plenty household ‘sorting’ you can do without it physically burdening your body – organise your files, clean your kitchen drawers, and finally bin those bedraggled hand-me-downs. A tidy house equals a tidy mind, too. Charity shop run, anyone? (OK, perhaps not ‘run’…)

Indulge your curiosity

With the sheer amount of information at your fingertips, you can be more than just a yummy mummy, you can be a highly intelligent mummy, too. In fact, pregnancy seems like a pretty perfect opportunity for personal development and growth, don’t you think? If you need a break from all-things baby-related, you could learn a new language, take up knitting, discover a new genre of music, or refine your cooking skills. If you do, however, want to brush up on your baby knowledge, you could explore how to make baby food or read about games to stimulate your little one’s brain.

Treat yourself  

9 months of pregnancy can put your body through all sorts of stress. So, in those ‘I-want-to-tear-my-hair-out’ moments (and expect a few), don’t hesitate to book a pregnancy massage. Yes – you do deserve it. And yes – it’s worth every penny. You’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds in no time at all. If you don’t fancy a massage, a pedicure can be equally stress-busting (and your feet are probably screaming for some TLC too!)

Connect with your loved one

Once baby comes along, spending ‘alone’ time with your partner will be a precious commodity. So, in the run-up to labour, enjoy romantic meals, cosy up at home with a box set, or simply take a stroll together. Savour the quality time you have – laugh, love and relish the pre-baby freedom.

Get moving

Physical activity is a sure-fire way to supercharge your energy levels and relieve pregnancy boredom. Take a gentle swim, go for a walk with a friend, head to a prenatal yoga class, or do anything else to get your body moving and feeling great. Exercise doesn’t need to be – nor should it be – overly taxing for you; just enough to elevate your heartbeat and release those feel-good endorphins. (Psssst…always check with your doctor before starting an exercise regime!)

Escape to a fictional world

Why not use pregnancy to tackle that pile of untouched books on your shelf, or indulge in a series you’ve always wanted to watch. Thankfully, in the era of Netflix, Kindles and iPhones, you’re never too far from a fictional heaven to lose yourself in. Remember, when baby makes her big appearance, book-reading and TV-watching could well be a thing of the past.

Take home message

Despite all the pregnancy nags weighing you down, now’s the time to relish your last few weeks of pre-baby freedom. Once your little babe is born, stealing a moment to yourself will be a rarity, so make the most of it! Be productive, be creative, or be inventive – whatever you fancy, there are countless ways to pique your interest during pregnancy. 

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