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Top Tips for a Day at the Beach with the Kids

Living in Bournemouth, we are very fortunate to have some brilliant beaches right here on our doorstep. The children love heading down with their buckets and spades and wiling the time away in the sand. Whether you live near the sea or planning a summer trip, here are my top tips for a beach day.

Head Down Early…

When summer hits, the beaches get absolutely packed. To ensure you get a parking space and make the

most of the day, head down as early as possible. As tempting as it is to park right in the centre of town, don’t. I would always recommend parking further out so that when it’s time to leave, you’ll avoid the traffic.

….Or Late

Alternatively, if you have very young children and are unsure about the heat, consider a visit later in the afternoon. Those who have been out all day will start leaving at this point. You should be able to park and find the sun less harsh at this time of day.

Pick a Position

Once you’ve made it to the beach, it can be a minefield choosing where to set up for the day. I would also recommend sourcing out the nearest toilets, and walking away slightly from them before stopping. It’s good to have them close enough for an emergency dash if required, but far enough away that you aren’t constantly reminded they are there, trust me on this one. Other things to take into consideration is the distance from anything you might want to visit during the day, and away from any sources of loud music if you have young children with you. If the beach has lifeguards, it’s also a good idea to stay close to them. Remember that tides will change throughout the day. Although sitting close to the sea might seem like a good idea first, you might end up a bit wet as the day wears on!

Pack the Necessities

Whenever we spend a day at the beach I always end up taking a massive bag full of stuff. As well as the obvious bits – suncream, swimming costumes, towels, buckets, and spades, I also pack anything I think we may need throughout the day. Usually, this includes; painkillers, sachets of Calpol, a book for me and for the kids if they get bored, spare clothes, nappies and wipes for my youngest. I also take along a packed lunch to avoid spending out at beachside cafes. Other key essentials include my camera, portable charger, plasters, a cardigan or hoody plus some form of sun shade. By having all of this to hand, I avoid needing to leave or spend money on unnecessary things.

Remember the Cash

Having said this, I am not a complete ogre when it comes to treating the kids when we are down by the sea. It’s always a good idea to carry a small amount of cash for emergency ice cream runs to hold back the tantrums at the end of a long day! It is also worth having some to hand for the parking.

Have a Plan B

Ok, nobody wants to say it, but this is Britain after all. There could be a chance the weather doesn’t hold out for the entire day, and nobody enjoys getting soggy in the sand. Have a plan in place in case of bad weather. Having a back up ready will mean less stress for you and a reduced chance of tears from the kids when leaving the beach.

Emma-Louise is a guest blogger and creator of Even Angels Fall. She lives in Bournemouth with her husband and 3 beautiful kids. She writes about beauty, weddings, food, style & motherhood.

You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


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