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Top Ten Tips to Calm a Crying Baby…


Here at The Essential One, we take pride in the fact our baby clothes are super soft and comfy for your baby, so it helps them be as calm and comfy as possible. But lets face it, babies can cry. A LOT. It certainly isn’t nice to hear your baby crying, in fact when you first hear that newborn cry it can actually be a little distressing. But soon you come to realise that actually newborn babies cry a lot, after all it is their only way of communicating with us. But what happens when you have fed them, changed them and done everything else and they are still crying?

Here are some of our top tips for calming a crying baby-

1. Cuddle. It seems obvious but give them a long cuddle. We lead busy lives and often we don’t really stop, sit and cuddle. But often a long cuddle with Mummy and Daddy will work wonders.

2. Swaddle. Some babies respond to being swaddled a lot more than others, it really is down to your baby. But a lot of babies seem to absolutely love being swaddled. Wrapping baby in a cosy, lightweight blanket, keeping their arms tucked away gives the feeling of being in a cocoon and feeling nice and safe. You might find they sleep better as a result too.

3. A Change of Scenery. We know as adults that occasionally we get cabin fever if we stay indoors or in the same place for too long. It is the same for your baby. Often if you find your baby really won’t settle, then pop them in the pram and go for a walk or in the car and go for a drive. They may continue crying at first, but soon you might find that the change of scenery and the fresh air will do you both the world of good.

4. White Noise. Some babies respond really well to white noise. Anything with a consistent wooshing sound can have a soothing effect. You can get free apps on your phone that give all different types of white noise, from rainforest noises, to the sound of the mothers heart in the womb. Next time your baby gets distressed and you can’t figure out why, then why not give it a go? You might find it works wonders.

5. Massage. Babies are just like us, they crave human contact. Giving them a massage can really help soothe them. There are baby massage courses in almost every town if you want to learn how to do it properly, but stroking them in a downward motion really might help soothe them when they are sad.

6. Give them a Bath. Stripping them off when they are crying might seem like the worst idea ever, and may cause them to cry a bit louder for a few minutes, but once they are in a nice warm bath, it might help soothe them and stop them from crying. Why not try some lavender night time bath (loads of brands do this) which can also help calm and help them get a better sleep?

7. Pop them in a Sling. Baby’s often have certain times when they get a bit restless and distressed for no reason, generally always around dinner time when you are trying to cook for your other children or for yourself. Have you ever thought about a sling? It frees up your hands so gives you time to get on with your jobs, while also giving baby a chance to be super close to their Mummy. It can definitely help both of you get a bit of respite.

8. Give them to someone else. Of course sometimes you are the only one there with your baby, but if you aren’t then why not give them to someone else? Obviously we dont mean a random member of the public here, but if Dad is around let him take over for a little bit. Sometimes babies can sense our worry or distress, so giving them to someone else for a cuddle for a while will help both you and them calm down. Plus Daddy, Grandma or a great friend will also give wonderful cuddles too.

9. Vibrate Vibrate Vibrate. Babies loved to be rocked, vibrated or swayed. It sounds ridiculous but the next time your baby is a bit sad for no reason, why not try sitting with them on the washing machine? Or does their baby chair have a vibrate function? Or even a vibrating toy? It can often help soothe them or calm them down.

10. Let them suck on something. Sometimes sucking on something will help calm them down. Whether that’s sucking on your finger, a dummy, if you are breastfeeding, or on a toy, try giving your baby something to suck or chew on. You may find it will really help them.




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