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Top 5 Tips for Flying with your Child

I’m not a nervous flyer, I’m usually very organised. I’ll ensure I have a power bank or some form of charger for my devices, I’ll download movies to my phone or iPad to keep me amused, and I make sure I have snacks and a drink, so it’s basically like my commute into work, only my ears won’t pop and I don’t get the option of cool aircon above me.

When you have a child, it’s a different ball game, but it’s about knowing your child and planning ahead and once you’re in the air, it should all be downhill from there.

Now that the weather is gorgeous, we’re all thinking about going on Holiday, so I wanted to share my top five tips for flying with a child this Summer!

Mother and baby flying on a plane
1. Early Boarding

A lot of families don’t realise but passengers travelling with small children or passengers needing extra assistance are allowed to go through the gate first. Even if you’re a seasoned pro, take advantage of this hassle-free 5 minutes while you can and get on the plane first. This will allow you to get all the bags up and out the way and get all your activities and snacks ready for the next few hours.

2. Bring Activities

Bring as many activities as you can for the plane, I’m talking iPads, leapfrogs, a device with their favourite tv shows downloaded onto them, colouring books (but don’t forget the pencils/crayons!) sticker books, you name it! You want the lot! I read on Pinterest that a family made little envelopes filled with all the Activities and let them pick one and that’s their activity for the next 30 mins! It’s a great way to take up time making a big show and dance about what activity is next.

3. Snacks are vital

You always want to carry snacks. We brought a mini lunchbox full of Amelia’s favourites which included crisps, fruit, gingerbread men, raisins and her dairy free chocolate buttons, however If your planning on wanting your child to sleep, then I’d avoid anything sugary as you’ll have a hyper child! Don’t forget something for when the plane is taking off and landing, be it food or a dummy to help with their ears popping.

4. Airport Delivery

Amelia has a dairy intolerance so she requires special milk, I panicked for so long thinking how on earth we’d get 10 cartons of milk in her luggage to last her for the 2 weeks, however, you can get a delivery to boots to pick up at the airport after you’ve gone through security. Thankfully her milk is long-life, so once we got to the hotel we could just put them in the fridge or kept cool in the air-conned room. It made it so much easier and we even got some of her snacks in the delivery too so it was all there waiting for us!

5. Designated peace seat

If you’re anything like me, I can get flustered easily if my child is causing a scene. So we found having a peace seat, where you separate the 2 adult seats apart and halfway through, swap seats when one is getting a little flustered, that way you can sit elsewhere in peace and recharge ready for the next switch.


If you have any tips, please feel free to post them below and help any other parents looking for a smooth journey when flying next!


This piece was guest written by Parenting and Lifestyle blogger, Lucie Maniscalchi. Check out her blog here:

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