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Telling your toddler they are having a baby sibling

Most parents can’t wait to spill the beans to their little one that they will be having a baby brother or sister in the not so distant future. However it can also be nerve wracking as well, as you want them to understand and grasp the concept as much as they can.

A young toddler might find it quite hard to understand that there is a baby growing in your tummy, plust they may not have the vocabulary or cognitive skills to portray the way they are feeling. Plus of course they have no concept of time so may well expect the baby to be here right now. It can certainly be a confusing time for them. It can be hard to decide when is best to tell your child- you may not want to tell them too early in case anything sadly goes wrong, but at the same time if you are feeling rubbish and tired in the early days it might well help them to understand why Mummy isn’t being her usual self.

In any case, you can tell her talk more about your pregnancy once it’s well-established and you have a noticeable bump. Your pregnancy will make a little more sense to your toddler once he or she can see evidence and also even be able to feel the baby moving and kicking.

It is definitely good to let you child know either just before or at the same time you announce your pregnancy to everyone else. Firstly because you don’t want anyone accidentally telling them themselves and also because you can’t expect a young toddler to keep such a big secret!

When you’re ready to tell, choose a time to talk about it when your child is relaxed and not dealing with any other stresses. A good time might be before bed, when you are both relaxed and enjoying some quiet time. There are also books that you can buy that help explain a bit more too. Whatever happens your toddler will no doubt be thrilled once the new baby arrives!

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