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Pregnancy Sleep Problems – Top 5 Tips

Generally every lady will suffer from pregnancy sleep problems. Whether this is in the early days when hormones and sickness play a part, or towards the end when you just cannot get comfy, pregnancy sleep problems can be ongoing. The first step can be as simple as a good pair of pyjamas.

Here are our top tips to beat pregnancy sleep problems:

Pregnancy Pillow– These are absolutely fantastic – a lot of pregnant ladies swear by them. Pregnancy pillows are generally v shaped which you can put between your legs and up against your back. They sound strange but are really comfy. If you don’t want to invest in one of them you could always use a normal pillow as well. By putting a pillow against your back or around your bump will definitely help with those pesky aches and pains.

A Massage– A nice soothing massage, perhaps with some lavender oil will definitely help ease the aches and pains of late pregnancy. This will then help you get a good night sleep. So persuade your partner into giving you have a massage.

A nice warm Bath– There is nothing more relaxing than a bubble bath in the evenings, especially with a bar of chocolate and a good book. Try some lavender bubble bath. Lavender is proven to calm and relax you and also help with muscle ache. You would be surprised how good a lovely relaxing bath can make you feel.

Keep away from technology– We live in a generation where it is so common to use our phones, tablets and computers non stop. But try to keep away from your phone when in bed, read a book or a magazine instead. It’s been proven that the light from phones can make your sleep suffer. The last thing you need in pregnancy.

Sleep on your side– Don’t lie on your back during heavy pregnancy as this can make you feel light headed. Of course it also goes without saying not to sleep on your tummy. The best way to sleep after 20 weeks pregnant is on your left side. This helps blood flow in the best way to your baby.

pregnancy sleep problems - top 5 tips




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