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Pregnancy Blog: 7 Month Pregnancy Bump Diary: Dear Beautiful

Well with the seventh month comes the third trimester, which I guess could be a highlight… or maybe not so much. Its great to know I’m well into the final third of this pregnancy, and on the homestretch as it were. But at the same time saying goodbye to the second trimester has meant saying goodbye to the comfy and energetic portion of my pregnancy, and the third trimester is notoriously the hardest part as you count down the days to meeting your baby. We ended up having to have an extra scan this month because little Flump is measuring ahead of where they’d expect. Basically at 31 weeks I was measuring as 34, which is crazy considering I definitely feel and look smaller this time. But I think it’s maybe just that I’m all bump out the front and my uterus is measuring as higher up than they expect. It was a definite bonus for us to get an extra little look at our baby girl before delivery day, and luckily the ultrasound basically gave us the all clear and said she’s totally within normal range, which was a relief to hear.


She’s just packing on weight from here on out. And practising some of the skills she’ll need to survive on the outside, like swallowing and inhaling. She is kicking a lot now and has a definite pattern to her awake and asleep time. Mostly she’s a pretty chilled bump but when it’s her wriggly time she makes sure I know about it. She’s sitting up quite high at the moment (which is probably part of the reason that I’m measuring so far ahead of my dates) and she seems pretty comfortable in the breech position. Both my previous two babies had gone head down by this point, but she definitely likes having her head up, and this was confirmed at the scan. It’s good because I’m avoiding the rib attacks that were so unpleasant last time around, but it does mean I’m getting kicked in my cervix. And yikes is that not fun! She’s still got a fair bit of time to turn and hopefully she’ll do that soon or I know that we will be in for some more extra monitoring… she seems determined to be different to her older siblings’ pregnancies and to keep us on our toes, this little one.


I’ve been plagued by an increasing bad back over the past month which really isn’t fun. In the scheme of things I know it isn’t much to complain about, but as someone who is usually really active I’m finding it really hard to feel like I’m stuck with the spine of a 90-year-old. Getting out of bed in the mornings can be quite a sight, as can getting out of the car, or even getting off the sofa if I sit for too long. And on the rare days that my back doesn’t hurt too much I seem to get a really achy bump instead. I think it entirely depends on which way around Flump is sitting and where most of her weight is. Recent blood tests have found my iron levels are low, so they’ve put me on some iron tablets to hopefully sort that out. Funnily enough with both previous pregnancies I had a mega aversion to red meat, but didn’t need iron tablets, and this time around when I’m still happily eating a far more iron rich diet my levels aren’t what they should be. It does mean I get to have extra blood tests, because who doesn’t want extra needles stuck in their arms, but I know good iron levels are important for the birth.


Hmmmm, not so good these days. Sleeping on my sides is now the only option but if I get uncomfy in the night then it feels like a real operation to roll over and get my pillows repositioned and get back to sleep again. I’ve also been getting leg cramps some nights, which are so horrendous. I had these really badly with my second pregnancy and it made me really miserable, and they definitely aren’t as frequent as they were that time, but they are awful when I get them.


No. Its all about the maternity wear and about being comfy. I’m in love with my Essential One vests which are just the best thing for pairing with a skirt to look nice but feel comfy. And I’m wearing loose dresses a lot of the time too. I have three weddings to attend soon, so I’ve got a pretty maternity dress to wear for those so that hopefully I can feel blooming and a little bit glamorous, and not just like a big hippo.


I have written the list ready to pack my hospital bag and I’m really looking forward to ticking things off that list and getting ready. I always thinking packing the hospital bag is such an exciting pregnancy milestone, and I can’t wait to pick out Flump’s first outfit and prepare all those teeny tiny little outfits. In fact I’d say I’m just generally looking forward to preparing more as her due date creeps nearer, washing all those newborn sleep suits and getting the crib put together always makes it feel very real and exciting. I also have to confess that a part of me is kind of looking forward to not being pregnant in the not too distant future. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE being pregnant, and the special time of it just being baby and me in our special little gang of two. But I won’t miss the back ache, the occasional heartburn and leg cramps, and feeling like I have nothing to wear. Plus I’m so excited for our new addition to meet her older siblings, and they just cannot wait to meet her.


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