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Pregnancy Blog: 4 Month Pregnancy Bump Diary: Dear Beautiful…

It feels like my fourth month of pregnancy has literally flown by. From visiting the midwife, to the scan, to making our announcement; its been a busy month pregnancy wise, with lots of fun highlights. Breaking the news of a new brother or sister to the children has to be my absolute highlight; they were so excited and it was simply magical.

And I‘m also feeling a lot more like myself now the nausea and sickness of the first trimester are behind me, which is amazing. It’s nice to have all my energy back and not be feeling grumpy and ill all the time.


It seems crazy to think that during this month my baby has grown from the size of a plum to about the size of my palm. That seems like such a lot of growing for only a few weeks… but then I guess growing is the name of the game with pregnancy. But talking of growing, I’m still really not growing that much. My bump has just about started to pop out now… but it feels like I’m quite a lot smaller than I was with my second pregnancy, which has surprised me considering I expected to be a fair bit bigger, given that they often say that babies tend to get bigger the more you have.


Now that the nausea has finally died down, I’d say I’m relatively symptom free. I have been getting a little heartburn in the evenings; which is something I had with both previous pregnancies, but I think much later on than this stage.

Although I only really have the beginning of a bump right now, it does feel very solid. I know with my second pregnancy I felt that I looked pregnant a lot earlier than this time, but I also had a lot more fluid retention, so I don’t remember my early bump feeling quite so hard that time around. This pregnancy definitely feels a lot more like my first one, where I showed later and was smaller in general. I think it’s probably because I was smaller and fitter to begin with in my first and third pregnancies than I was with my second.

I do feel like I’m getting a little bit of bump ache, especially at the end of a busy active day. The midwife says that it is growing pains, and that I’m likely to experience a fair amount of round ligament pain as my abdominal muscles are quite strong. Ballet teaching part time is hopefully going to keep me fitter throughout this pregnancy, but I think I may have to invest in a support band to keep comfortable.


I have been eating bucket loads of Ready Salted flavour French Fries crisps for the entire first trimester, because I really really fancied them, and they massively helped to stave off the nausea. I would definitely say this obsession verged on full-blown pregnancy craving as it was a “need” rather than simply a “want”, but I do wonder if that will die down now that the nausea has. Or whether I’ll just start obsessing about something else instead.


I’m sleeping well at the moment… although I don’t seem to be able to get enough of it, and I like having an afternoon lie down when I can. At the moment I can still sleep however I like, but I know I’ll have a big bump in the way of my favoured belly sleeping position in the not too distant future, so I’m enjoying that while it lasts.


I’m still in my normal clothes at the moment, although my jeans are starting to get a little uncomfy, and I tend to sneakily undo the button later on in the day now. I was hoping I could be wearing some loose summer dresses by now, and that I would manage throughout the summer with my existing wardrobe on the most part. But this cold weather is making that a little tricky, so I was thrilled to receive a little package from The Essential One containing some maternity leggings which have become my new favourite thing to wear. I’ve also got a jumper and some vests to wear, and they are all so soft and comfy that I know they’ll be staples for the next few months.


I’m not feeling any kicks or movement yet, or at least nothing that I can say for definitely is the baby and not just my dinner digesting. Feeling those first little kicks is the thing I am looking forward to most, and is always a favourite part of pregnancy for me; there is just something so special and unique about it being an experience for just mummy and baby to share in those first weeks. And I just know my children are going to go wild with excitement when they get to feel those wiggles from their baby brother or sister for the first time.

On the horizon now is our 20 week anomaly scan, which I’m looking towards with a mixture of excitement and nerves. I always feel really anxious in the lead up to scans because you just never know what they might find or say, but it will be a big comfort to see our little Flump up on the screen again, and to maybe find out if its a boy or a girl… although we still aren’t fully decided as to whether we’ll find out the gender or not.

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