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New Baby 0-18 Months Advice, Things you really need

Essentials You Really Need in the First Six Weeks

Written by Mrs Shilts

When you’re expecting a baby, it can be overwhelming thinking about all the stuff a newborn needs. In reality, they don’t really need that much stuff; they just need love (plenty of cuddles), warmth (appropriate clothing), milk (obviously) and security (somewhere safe to sleep). But what about all the other things parents need in their first few weeks of looking after their little one. Having very recently been through those first six weeks (my little boy is just 9 weeks old). Here’s a list of my top 5 newborn essentials that have got us through the first six weeks with our newborn.

  1. Muslins. They have so many uses. Primarily to mop up dribbles, spit up and baby sick as well as being a swaddle, a light blanket and a comforter. Freddie often brings back some of his milk when he’s being winded. So muslins have saved my clothes on many occasions! They’re really absorbent and simple to wash and dry. Ready for you to use them over and over again.
  2. Feeding pillow. Whether you’re breastfeeding or formula feeding, you’ll want a feeding pillow to pop under your arm to support baby when feeding. As the weeks go on, your baby will get heavier and your arm will really begin to ache. The feeding pillow takes the strain and helps feeding to be a much more comfortable experience.
  3. Sleepsuits with integrated mittens. Freddie was born with sharp finger nails. I didn’t have the confidence to cut them straight away so the use of a sleepsuit with integrated mittens was a god send. The mittens just pop over the end of his hands to protect his face from being scratched when I’m not looking. In my experience, baby mittens never last the night so having them within a sleepsuit is fantastic.
  4. Plenty of washing powder. Not directly for baby but we got through so much washing during the first six weeks. Not only did Freddie bring back up a lot of his milk on a very regular basis. He often caught us off guard when we were changing his nappy. Resulting in a full change of clothes for the both of us!
  5. A blanket. Keeping a baby warm is essential as at such an early age they can’t regulate their own body temperature. You’ll need to keep them warm from the moment they’re born. To trips out and about in the car seat or the pushchair. Many babies find having their own blanket a comfort. They can find it reassuring when they’re being wrapped up warm in it. We’ve been keeping Freddie warm in the house (no thanks to this ridiculous non-Spring weather) with his blanket from The Essential One. It’s so cosy. I just need an adult sized one!

There it is. Not an exhaustive list but some of the inexpensive essentials that have really helped me and baby Freddie in his first six weeks. I’d love to have mentioned a hot cup of tea as an essential but having drunk far too many half cups of cold tea and coffee in recent weeks, a hot cuppa is just the dream!

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