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New Year’s Resolutions for Pregnancy

That time has come around again: the New Year. And, as everyone will tell you; there’s no better occasion to implement positive changes than a brand spanking new year. But instead of vowing to hit the gym, be more frugal, or to simply get more organised – admittedly, resolutions we all make but fail to keep – why not make your promise a little more, well, pleasurable? You are pregnant after all. And growing a tiny human is hard (ahem, ahem: morning sickness, sore feet, and fluctuating hormones). In fact, pregnancy is probably the most selfless act you can do as a woman. So, when January makes its appearance, we urge you to keep this oh-so-simple intention in mind: look after yourself. Here are our New Year’s resolutions for pregnancy (and they’re definitely worth keeping!).

I will treat myself to gorgeous maternity wear

Yes, pregnancy calls for kitting out your little one’s new wardrobe with cutesy outfits, but why should you miss out on all the fun? You deserve something special, too. Never underestimate how rejuvenating a couple of key maternity garments can be. After a long day of pregnancy-ing, sometimes all you want to do is unwind in a cosy pair of PJ’s. Give yourself permission to buy something nice – and don’t feel guilty. You’ve absolutely earned it.

I will be positive

It’s no secret that a sunny disposition can help you live longer, stress less, and support your immune responses. If you’re naturally optimistic – brilliant. Keep it up. If, however, positivity isn’t your strong suit, make this year the time you banish those pregnancy demons and negative thoughts once and for all. Use open body language, relaxation and visualisations of success to naturally induce feelings of optimism about pregnancy and motherhood.

I will take time to rest

Pregnancy can be pretty dang exhausting. And some days you’ll feel flat-out dog-tired, especially in the first trimester. The antidote? Rest – and plenty of it. But we’re not just talking about sleeping or catnapping (although, this is extremely helpful), practising relaxation techniques, like visualisation, meditation, and deep breathing, can be enormously beneficial, too. Plus, they will put you in good stead for labour. Gentle exercise, such as Pilates and Yoga, can also be incredibly restoring. 

I will indulge myself

As we’ve already established, pregnancy is an immensely altruistic act. When you aren’t suffering from nausea, swollen feet, and acid reflux; you’re incessantly worrying about the welfare of your little babe. It’s time you treated yourself, don’t you think? This could be as decadent or simple as you like: indulge in an ultra restorative prenatal massage or soak in a long, hot bath at home. Whatever it is, commit to one act of self-care on a regular basis. The wellbeing dividends will pay off.

I won’t research every pregnancy symptom

Okay, we’d never advocate ignoring any serious pregnancy implications, but do you really need to investigate the reason behind your present aversion to certain foods? Probably not. Googling each and every pregnancy symptom will only lead you down the paranoia path. And being in a state of perennial anxiety won’t do your pregnancy any favours. Make a conscious effort to limit your Internet-surfing. 

I will walk X miles every week

Moving your body is vitally important in pregnancy – not just for your physical health, but for your emotional wellbeing, too. It’s a huge part of self-love, in fact. Of course, you could go down the traditional route and join a prenatal exercise class, or you could vow to walk more. Simple. Set yourself a reasonable goal, plug yourself into a podcast or playlist, put one foot in front of the other, and get walking. Added bonus: spending time in nature and green spaces is delicious food for your mood; it’s the perfect environment to clear your mind from those infamous pregnancy blahs.

I won’t pressurise myself to lose my baby weight immediately 

New mums are constantly throttled with a toxic narrative that celebrates the quick shedding of baby weight. Just look at the magazine headlines: celebrities who lose their pregnancy pounds are pinned up as role models worth emulating. Well, it’s about time we dispelled this myth. Be mindful that you’ve taken nine months to create a tiny human; your body isn’t going to ‘bounce back’ overnight. Rapid weight loss and extreme dieting can actually be enormously damaging to both your body and your little bean, particularly if you’re breastfeeding. By following a healthy, well-balanced diet, your body will naturally recalibrate itself. But this will take time, so vow to be gentle and kind to your body.

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