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New Baby 0-18 Months Advice

How many Sleepsuits should I buy?

When you begin to start looking into buying baby things when you are pregnant, you may well get a little overwhelmed by exactly what you need and how much you need. There is so much choice out there and it is easy to get confused as to what your baby will need and what kind of sizes.

Sleepsuits are essential for your baby in the first early weeks. They are cosy, easy to take on and off, perfect for popping open for all those nappy changes, they wash well, and most importantly they are comfy for your baby. There are so many gorgeous styles, patterns and colours out there, it is easy to go overboard and buy too many. But how many should you buy?

For the first few weeks of their life your baby will practically live in a sleepsuit, unless you are someone who likes dressing them in little outfit. Sleepsuits will keep your baby snug and warm, and also practically you might not be up to struggling with tiny tights or trousers. It is hard to know how much your baby will weigh at birth, but unless you have been told you might be having a smaller or larger baby, we suggest perhaps a 1 or 2 first size sleepsuits, 2-3 newborn size sleepsuits and 4-5 0-3 month sleepsuits. (Check out our size guide) This means you have got all potential sizes covered, but at the same time you’ll soon see that newborn babies fill out quickly. Of course, if you can buy more then it will mean less washing, but at the same time you don’t want your baby to not wear them much, plus you will be surprised how many kind family and friends up buying you sleepsuits- they are one of those type of new baby gifts.

You want to make sure that you get sleepsuits that are soft and kind to baby’s skin. Here at The Essential One, our sleepsuits are ALWAYS made of 100% cotton, meaning they are the kindest to your baby’s precious skin. We are also the only UK brand to have integrated scratch mitts on all sizes of our sleepsuits, meaning that they are perfect for baby’s with skin allergies such as eczema. You can check out our baby boy, baby girl and unisex range over on our website.







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