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Keeping Little Ones Cool in the Summer

With summer approaching in just a few days (21st June 2018) there brings a promise of a warm and hazy sunshine filled days. Whilst it’s a lovely season to enjoy for most of us, for babies and small children the heat of the season can be quite frustrating as they can’t regulate their own temperatures like we can. Here’s my top tips on how to keep your little ones cool in the heat;

1) Wear minimal clothing

There’s nothing worse than wearing too many clothes in the sunshine and that goes for babies too. Dress them in a vest and a nappy and keep them covered under plenty of shade. When enjoying the outdoors, ensure they wear a hat that covers their head and their neck too.

2) Use blackout blinds

At bedtime it can be difficult for little ones to relax in a naturally bright room. Fitting blackout window blinds and keeping them down throughout the day with windows ajar will keep their bedrooms cool and comfortable for long enjoyable nights of sleep. Don’t forget to use a room thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature and to dress baby appropriately for sleeping.

3) Use a paddling pool

Fill a small paddling pool with an ankles-depth of water for babies and little ones to enjoy splashing around in. Ensure you supervise them at all times and remember to check the temperature of the water and make a circle of 8 to ensure the water is a suitable temperature before they jump in.

4) Keep them hydrated

Babies often go off their food in the warm weather but it’s essential you keep them hydrated by offering them their regular feeds. Once a baby is six months old, they can sip water throughout the day.

5) Give them a lukewarm bath before bed

Babies shouldn’t be given cold water baths as they will struggle to maintain their own body temperatures. Instead a lukewarm bath before bed will help to wash away any of the days sweat and freshen them up for a snooze.

Emma Shilton, or Mrs. Shilts, is the brand ambassador for The Essential One. Mother to two beautiful young boys, Olly and Freddie, and is a regular blogger for both our Help and Advice Centre and her own blog. She blogs about motherhood, lifestyle, and travel.

Follow her on Instagram at @mrsshilts, Twitter at @mrsshilts and follow her blog at

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