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How to plan a baby shower step by step

The arrival of your little babe is fast approaching. Everyone is waiting with baited breath to meet the new member of your family – and what better way to celebrate this joyous occasion than with a party? Whether you’re the mum-to-be, best friend or family member, a baby shower requires several key ingredients and some savvy decision-making. What theme do you go for? What activities, if any, will you choose to do? And then there’s the question of location. Typically, baby showers take place five weeks before the mother’s due date, so if you need to get your party-planning groove on, we’re here to help. 


It goes without saying that mum-to-be takes centre stage here – her preferences and tastes need to be at the heart of any plan. Consider what she’d appreciate the most: is she a home-bird who loves the comfort of her own nest? Does she relish wining-and-dining out with friends (ok, minus the ‘wining’ part)? Or does she love a girly day out at the spa? Whatever you choose, be sure to confirm availability. If you have to book a restaurant or other private space, get on the case early.


Before making any big decisions on invitations or decorations, choosing a theme can help tie everything together.  The good news is that you don’t have to get bogged down in anything wildly elaborate or complicated. Again, it’s worth thinking about the expectant mother’s personality and tastes. A seasonal theme can work well too. Try a spring English garden party, or crank up the heat for an exotic summer extravaganza.


Invitations can be a tasteful way to invite friends and family to the baby shower. The wording and design should echo your chosen theme. When cherry-picking guests, you will need to factor in the venue, budget and their relationship to the expectant mother (don’t be shy to ask other friends for their opinion!) Aim to get the invites out six weeks ahead of time so you can gauge numbers. Always include an address, along with your email and phone number.

Food and drink

When it comes to the question of food, budget, location, theme (should you have one), and time of day all come into play. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the ins and outs of baby-shower planning, remember this occasion doesn’t call for a Michelin-star spread. Keep it simple: plan an afternoon tea party, hold a summer BBQ, or have a picnic in the garden. You could even organise a potluck and ask guests to bring a dish. If cooking really is the last thing on your mind, ready-made salad dishes, crudities and dips are fuss-free and always go down a treat.


You don’t need to pull out all the stops with decorations and party favours, but some simple gestures can make the event feel extra-special. Traditional balloons and bunting will effortlessly spice up any venue, while homemade sweet jars area a thoughtful token for guests.  Bottom line: make sure decorations have that ‘personal’ touch and, of course, speak to the tastes of the expectant mother.


Activities can be a fun way to inject a little pizazz into a baby shower. Struggling for inspo? Here are some of our favourite, mum-approved ideas.

Baby bucket list

Once baby enters the world, time will fly – especially that first year of parenthood. Creating a baby bucket list can be an inspiring way for mum to tick off ‘firsts’ with her new babe. Buy a mason jar and ask guests to write down one activity the expectant mother can do with her little bundle of joy. Once baby is born, mum can pick out ideas out at random. How lovely, eh?

Big chill

OK, this one will go down a treat with mum-to-be, who, by this point in her pregnancy, could probably do with some TLC! You could organise a spa day with a selection of indulgent treatments. Think oh-so-relaxing pedicures, manicures and massages. Or, why not ditch that mainstream setup altogether, and organise for your local salon to come to you? Either way, this activity is a guaranteed winner.

Cute keepsake

Treat mum-to-be to a beautifully bound scrapbook and encourage guests to write sage motherhood advice, inspiring quotes and heartfelt messages in it. Go one step further and personalise it with photos of all the party guests! She will treasure it forever.

Take home message

The arrival of any bundle of joy is the best excuse for a celebration. If you’ve been privileged with organising a baby shower, remember you don’t need to complicate things. Simplicity can be just as tasteful and effective. Above all though, keep the expectant mother’s personality at the forefront of your planning efforts – her memory of this occasion will last a lifetime!




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