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How Can I Get My Baby To Sleep More?

As a new parent, it can be totally overwhelming.  All of a sudden your new baby has arrived into the world and you are thrown into a huge range of emotions- absolute love, excitement, contentment, a few nerves and of course a little bit teary.  After all your world has been turned upside down and it takes a while to adjust.

One thing that you always hear from new parents is about sleep.  Of course, having a newborn means that you will have a lot less sleep than you are used to . You wouldn’t change it for the world, but sleep deprivation can be tough and a lot of parents find the exhaustion the hardest bit about the first early months.

Here at The Essential One we like to make sure that you and your baby are cosy and comfy for those first few months.  We do a gorgeous range of maternity and nursing pyjamas and our sleepsuits are made from 100% cotton, meaning that they are super soft reading for all those sleepy snuggles.

We took to our Facebook page to ask Mums how they got into a routine with their baby when it comes to sleep.  Some people have a structured routine, some are more relaxed and some don’t agree with routine at all.  But however your baby sleeps, just remember that the sleep deprivation won’t last forever, so enjoy the sleepy midnight cuddles while you can.  When they are eighteen and keeping you up for entirely different reasons we can guarantee you’ll remember these days… 😉

Becca Jane Irving says-  “Start a routine and stick to it. Ours is Night Garden, bath, get pjs on, milk and a story and then bed. She knows she has to lie down if she wants a song. Babies and children love routine, it makes them feel safe. My little girl is a dream if someone else needs to put her to bed or if she sleeps somewhere unfamiliar as long as they/we stick to our normal routine as far as possible xxx”

Sophia Coughlan says – “We started introducing a routine/pattern at 2-3 weeks old. Very simple – bath, massage, getting changed, song, feed, then always keeping it quiet and dark (dull nightlight) when he wakes at night and delaying a tiny bit/pausing for a minute before picking him up; then getting changed when it is time to get up. Basically the idea is to show the difference between night and day. He slept 8 to 8 at 2 months old waking once for a feed (which he dropped too at 2.5months old himself)”

Laura Kersey says- “We have a routine, dinner, bath, quiet time, book, milk, sleep. He’s 16months. Some nights he will go to sleep easily others he doesn’t, he will often wake up to every 2hours during the night. And we are up for the day between 5 and 6 most mornings. He stopped napping at 12months. Some babies just don’t need sleep. The best thing we did was realise that and stop stressing and trying to make him sleep. Happier all round. I’m sure by the time he is a teenager we will have the opposite problem. ;)”

Helena Namini says- “Sleep breeds sleep.”

Bethany Morris says- “We have bath, baby massage and a feed, then I put my little man to bed. We aim to start around 6.00pm each night. He is 10 weeks old and now sleeps through from 7.30pm until about 5.30/6.00am… For the first 2-3 weeks if this routine he woke at 2.00am then 5.00am but has just done away with the 2.00am. We also introduced a bottle rather than boob for the 2.00am so it wasn’t a comforting treat, just pure nutrition!”

Natalie Thompson says- “Settle themselves top believer of that from day one x”

Hannah Eleonore says- “We’re all about Captain Routine here, from really early with both the girls it’s been about bath, milk and bed and helping them to settle themselves too. They’ve both slept through from really young and it means we’re well rested and our evenings are ours.”

Thanks to all our Mum’s for giving us their tips.  Do you have a routine with your baby or do you prefer to just go with the flow?


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