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Getting Your Child Emotionally Ready For School.

In just a few short weeks a new school year will begin and there will be lots of young children getting ready to start reception. It is such a hugely emotional and nerve wracking time, for them and you.

Here we give our top tips for helping your child get ready for school emotionally….

Go on an exciting trip to buy school bits

Why not go on a day out together to buy the essential back to school bits? If you have other children, why not leave them at home if you can and spend the day one on on with your son or daughter? You could go out for a cake or for lunch and make it an adventure. Let them choose their own school bag or school shoes so it feels like a fun day out- hopefully it will get them excited for the start of the school term.

Talk about school lots

Make sure over the summer period that you talk lots about school. Chat about school itself, what they will be doing there, the structure of the day etc. If you don’t already know it, find out their teacher’s name so you can talk about them and make things familiar.

If you can arrange to visit the school

Most schools will do at least one class visit, but if you are worried, you can still request to go and visit the school together. Don’t just look at the classroom, but look round things like the dining hall and the toilets as these are the things that might potentially make them feel anxious on the first day. Why not also drive by it a few times during the holidays to familiarise them with the building?

Have a home visit with the teacher

A lot of schools now have the option of a home visit, where the teacher and teaching assistant will come to the house for a chat. Definitely take up this offer if it is something that your school does as it is a great way of having a few minutes of one on one time with the teacher, and a great way to get to know them a little.

Buy some educational work books and read lots

There will be children of all abilities when they start. Some will go to school not being able to read and write at all and some will know a little before they go. Over the summer why not purchase some educational work books that help with writing and reading? These are a great thing to do together and it will also help them get in the mind frame of working and concentrating.



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