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Five Top Tips for starting Potty Training

Starting to potty train your child can seem like a really daunting prospect. Some children take to it straight away, while others take a little longer to come around to the idea. Whichever your child is, we wanted to share five top tips to help ease you into the potty training process…

Go to the shop to buy pants/a potty

Make the whole concept of potty training a little bit of an adventure. Why not go together and buy a potty or buy some pants or knickers with your child’s favourite character on them? By making it an adventure it will get them excited about the idea of potty training. Make a day of it and go for a cake or an ice cream treat too.

Read some potty training books

Why not read a book about potty training to your child as it will help them learn a bit more about the process and get their mind to start thinking about the idea. We love Princess Polly’s Potty and Pirate Pete’s Potty- two interactive books with sounds that are easy to understand and enjoy together.

Get a reward chart

Every parent will have heard of the idea of having a reward chart for potty training, and that is because in a lot of cases it really works for children. You could get a wall chart with different stickers for when your child does a wee or a poo, or you could get one that you both draw on together, or even something like putting a marble into the jar each time they use the potty. When the sticker chart or jar is full, they could get a little treat- like a small present or even a packet of their favourite sweets. It is all about making potty training fun and giving them an incentive to try.

Use some sort of pull up pants

Children won’t be dry day and night straight away, unless you are really lucky. Therefore using something like a disposable pull up is a great way of keeping the momentum of potty training going. By not wearing a full on nappy, they still believe they are grown up. It can also be useful putting a pull up on for long car jounreys, but still making sure that you ask them regularly if they need to stop for the toilet.

Don’t be afraid to skip the potty

Some children just don’t get on well with the potty and instead go straight to sitting on the toilet. Only you know your child and you may find that they respond better to sitting on the toilet and you can bypass the potty instead.

Stay Calm

Above all just stay calm. Your child will get there eventually and if it isn’t working, there is no harm in stopping and trying again a few weeks later. You will get there and will one day look back and wonder what all the worry was about!

Good luck!


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