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Creative Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy…

Here at The Essential One, obviously we are obsessed with all things pregnancy and baby related.  One thing that we have noticed is becoming a lot more popular in the social media world recently, is thinking up a creative way to announce your pregnancy.

Some people are more cautious and don’t spill the beans on social media, some post a scan photo after 12 weeks, and some think of other creative ways to let the world know they are expecting a little bundle of joy.

Here are our pick of some of our favourite ones from blogs we love….

We love this photo and blog post from one of our favourite blogs Hayley from Home in which she announced that her little boy was going to become a big brother to not one, but two babies!  Her twins have since been born and are absolutely gorgeous.  Big congratulations to them all!

We adore this post from Lucy at Dear Beautiful where she told everyone she was expecting a baby with this lovely little video.  It brought a tear to our eyes!

a beautiful little story from Lucy DearBeautiful on Vimeo.

This photo from Becky at The Mummy Adventure is so sweet, and a lovely way of getting her other son involved on the action.  What a clever way to announce your pregnancy.  Her little boy is now a year old, and we still remember this announcement like it was yesterday.  Doesn’t time fly?

This lovely post from Nicola at Nicola…Life Through My Eyes is so sweet.  Rather than just post a scan she has titled it ‘Me and My Babies’ – its a photo I am sure she will treasure.  And she has just found out she is having a boy- Congratulations Nicola!

This is such a cute little story from Munchies and Munchkins– what a lovely way to announce that your family is growing.

We found this image over on pinterest– if you are organised what a seriously cute way this is of announcing your pregnancy, and also documenting it all as well.  Would look amazing on a canvas once baby is born.

We just loved some of these ideas from some of our favourite bloggers.  Remember The Essential One does some gorgeous maternity and nursing clothes to see you right through your pregnancy and the first few months with your baby.

Did you ‘announce’ your pregnancy on social media, either via a normal post or in a creative way?  If so when?



One thought on “Creative Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy…

  1. Oh I love the last set of photographs! What a fab collection to look back on.
    If we are lucky enough to fall pregnant in the future, i’m definitely going to do something like this.

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