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Essential Guide to Decorating Kids’ Rooms
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Essential Guide to Decorating Kids’ Rooms

Children spend a lot of time in their rooms. And no wonder – it’s a space in which they can be, well, kids – their very own sanctuary for playing, reading, working, oh, and sleeping of course. Understandably then, a bedroom should reflect your little one’s quirks, interests and personality….

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Top Tips to Relieve Pregnancy Boredom

What could be more exciting than the first few months of pregnancy? You’ve just been told you’re going to be a mum; you’re constantly receiving compliments about your gorgeous ‘glow’ – not to mention your luscious locks; and yes, you can indulge in that tub of ice cream without feeling…

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Keeping Little Ones Cool in the Summer

With summer approaching in just a few days (21st June 2018) there brings a promise of a warm and hazy sunshine filled days. Whilst it’s a lovely season to enjoy for most of us, for babies and small children the heat of the season can be quite frustrating as they can’t…

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Top Tips for Surviving a Baby and a Toddler

I knew it was going to be tough; it’s why I put it off for as long as I did. There are, in fact, fleeting moments when I think ‘I’ve got this’, and allow myself a metaphorical clap on the back for bossing life as a mum of two. However,…

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Coping in the Workplace after Maternity Leave

When you’re on Maternity Leave, especially those first few months, all you’re thinking about is your newborn baby, and maybe when you’ll find the time to sleep ever again. Most mums aren’t thinking about what their next step is, they’re enjoying being a Mum and learning everything about their newborn….

Breastfeeding – Managing Expectations
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Breastfeeding – Managing Expectations

Breastfeeding. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. Or is that just what we are lead to believe as a first time mum? It can be really hard listening to conflicting advice from midwives, health visitors, and even friends and family. You hear stories from people you know who…

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Top Ten Tips to Calm a Crying Baby…

Here at The Essential One, we take pride in the fact our baby clothes are super soft and comfy for your baby, so it helps them be as calm and comfy as possible. But lets face it, babies can cry. A LOT. It certainly isn’t nice to hear your baby…