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Baby’s First Christmas – How to Survive

This year we’ll be celebrating Baby’s First Christmas with our second son, Freddie who has just turned 11 months old. Having enjoyed a first Christmas with our first son, Olly back in 2013 I have a little experience on my side and this year things will be a little different….

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Top 5 Essentials for Weaning

When it comes to weaning your baby, it can be really exciting with all the new flavours and textures they’re about to try and in all honesty, it can be rather daunting too. It’s a huge milestone so you’ll want to do what is right for both you and your…

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Reasons You Might Want to Find Out the Gender of Your Baby

Finding out the gender of your baby in advance seems to have become quite a divisive topic in recent years. Some people have strong feelings about whether it is right to find out the sex of a baby in advance, and some just feel it’s nicer to keep it a…

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How to Cope when you have a Super Clingy Child

I’ve experienced both fierce independence and intense clinginess in my children; and, rather oddly,  in the same child. I recently wrote about how I’d felt completely defeated by my infant daughter being entirely uninterested in me, always choosing her daddy over mummy – despite the fact she’s breastfed: I was…

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Easing the Transition to Preschool or Reception

I wasn’t really expecting to be writing this post so far into our daughter, Pixie’s, preschool career. She’s just turned four and now been attending for a year. However it transpires that just because a child has previously been settled, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they’ll remain so. Unfortunately we…

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Getting Your Newborn into a Routine

 Are you a first time parent? Did you bring your newborn baby home in the excitement of becoming a family and asked yourself now what? I will admit, I did this all three times I brought one of my children home for the first time. It took a few days…

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5 Top Tips to Survive the Summer Holiday

I’ve written several times about my lack of love for the six weeks holidays, but the truth is that it’s not the summer break I despise at all – it’s noise and crowds. Enforced time with my girls which I’d otherwise spend working is actually a blessing – it’s the reason…

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Top 5 Tips for Flying with your Child

I’m not a nervous flyer, I’m usually very organised. I’ll ensure I have a power bank or some form of charger for my devices, I’ll download movies to my phone or iPad to keep me amused, and I make sure I have snacks and a drink, so it’s basically like…

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Top 5 Tips for Introducing Older Siblings to a New Baby

Telling your children their going to be a brother or sister is both exciting and nerve wracking. How will they take the news? Will they accept the news and look forward to it or will they worry about the threat of a new sibling stealing their parents attention? What will…

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Top Tips for a Day at the Beach with the Kids

Living in Bournemouth, we are very fortunate to have some brilliant beaches right here on our doorstep. The children love heading down with their buckets and spades and wiling the time away in the sand. Whether you live near the sea or planning a summer trip, here are my top…

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Top 10 Tips for Moving House with a Baby

Moving house can sometimes be bittersweet. You are about to embark on an exciting new chapter with your baby, but you are feeling stressed and unsettled. If you want some advice to make your life easier and keep your baby happy during the move, these top ten tips will help…

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How to Handle Picky Kids

How many times have you caught yourself bribing your child to eat? Too many? Mhmmm, we feel you. For those living with picky kids, the phrases ‘eat your vegetables, and then you can watch TV’,  ‘just one more mouthful for Mummy’, and ‘brrr…open wide for the mash potato plane’ haunt…