New Baby 0-18 Months Advice

Every mum and dad to be need lots of advice! Having a new baby can be such a stressful and yet joyous time. Hope our tips below help out a little and give you the support you really need.

New Baby 0-18 Months Advice, Younger Child 3 Months - 6 Years Advice

5 Reasons You’re Nailing Motherhood

By Lucie from lucielovesit As a first-time mum, I spent weeks dealing with baby blues and second guessing myself. I was struggling with my C-section and being in hospital for over a week. It’s only now, 5 months down the line, I can see things more clearly and I feel…

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Life After a Traumatic Birth

Written by Susanna Remic from Ghost Writer Mummy When you’re pregnant, there’s no shortage of anecdotes, advice and ‘top tips’ to help you through each trimester. What to eat, wear…even what to name your baby. And there’s plenty of information on the birth too. Expect it to hurt, but expect…

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What New Mums REALLY Need

Written by Georgina Clarke Becoming a new Mum for the first time can be extremely overwhelming at the best of times. You want to feel prepared and have everything that you could ever need for your newborn. But how can you know exactly how much and of what are necessities?…

Dealing with little sleep
New Baby 0-18 Months Advice

Adjusting to Life with Little Sleep

Written by Holly from Little Pickle’s Mom Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: I set my expectations very low whilst I was pregnant. I pretty much spent the whole nine months trying to prepare myself for a baby that cried constantly and never slept. The good news is that my…

New Baby 0-18 Months Advice

How many Sleepsuits should I buy?

When you begin to start looking into buying baby things when you are pregnant, you may well get a little overwhelmed by exactly what you need and how much you need. There is so much choice out there and it is easy to get confused as to what your baby…

New Baby 0-18 Months Advice

Tips for Bottle Feeding your Baby

It may be that you have struggled to breastfeed, quite simply don’t want to (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!), or could potentially be doing a mixture of both and combination feeding your baby. Feeding your baby from a bottle is a fantastic bonding experience for you and…

New Baby 0-18 Months Advice

5 Top Tips for Starting Weaning

There’s no denying that introducing your baby to food is such an exciting time. Whether you go down the more traditional puree route or le Here are our top five tips for starting to wean your baby…   1. Start Slowly Don’t rush to introduce your baby to lots of…

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New Baby 0-18 Months Advice

What to Expect in your baby’s first week

So the day you have been waiting for for so long has finally arrived- you’ve given birth to your beautiful new baby and now it is time to go home from the hospital. The first week at home is a mixture of the most heightened emotions- ranging from utter bliss,…

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Things I have learnt since becoming a Mum…

1. That it doesn’t matter if your baby girl is dressed in a bright pink babygrow, sitting in a pink car seat and cuddling a pink teddy bear- you will get at least a couple of people come up and ask you ‘Is it a boy or a girl?’ 2….

Maternity & Nursing Advice, New Baby 0-18 Months Advice, Things you really need

What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag – For Baby

We’ve written a blog post regarding the essentials you need in your hospital bag for Mum.  Now it’s time for bits to take for baby for your stay in hospital.  Of course each birth is different and you don’t know for sure how long you will be in hospital for,…

New Baby 0-18 Months Advice

How to Dress your Baby…

If you are a first time Mum, chances are you are going to feel a little daunted about the prospect of having a baby, however excited you are. One thing that may sound simple, but that actually can be quite daunting is how to dress your newborn baby… With that…

New Baby 0-18 Months Advice

Should my baby have a dummy?

To let your baby have a dummy or not is one thing that is guaranteed to stir up debate amongst parents. We all know someone whose child has had real difficulties being weaned off a dummy (hello dummy fairy!), but then at the same time we have also all heard…