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Being pregnant is the most exciting yet worrying time. Let us help make your day a little easier with some helpful tips from real mums – they really have seen it and done it all!

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Baby’s First Christmas – How to Survive

This year we’ll be celebrating Baby’s First Christmas with our second son, Freddie who has just turned 11 months old. Having enjoyed a first Christmas with our first son, Olly back in 2013 I have a little experience on my side and this year things will be a little different….

Maternity & Nursing Advice

How to Survive and Thrive With a Winter Pregnancy

By now, you probably know the drill about staying safe during pregnancy. No blue cheese. No tipples. And no smoking. But what about surviving those inclement temperatures, or battling cold and flu season? In true Games of Thrones fashion, winter is here and this means following some important ground rules….

Maternity & Nursing Advice

How to combat pregnancy fatigue with nutrition

Nothing zaps your energy levels more than having a bun in the oven. But instead of crawling back under the duvet or reaching for calorie-laden pick-me-ups, the antidote to sluggishness could be hiding in your diet. Here’s how to combat pregnancy fatigue with nutrition. So long sleepiness; greetings get-up-and-go! Prioritise…

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Is breast really best? The age-old debate

Breastfeeding isn’t a big deal? It almost sounds like blasphemy. Indeed, the message ‘breast is best’ has long been advocated by the World Health Organisation and other presiding health bodies, permeating parenting circles. They propose mothers should feed newborns breast milk for the initial six months to reap the health…

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Reasons You Might Want to Find Out the Gender of Your Baby

Finding out the gender of your baby in advance seems to have become quite a divisive topic in recent years. Some people have strong feelings about whether it is right to find out the sex of a baby in advance, and some just feel it’s nicer to keep it a…

Maternity & Nursing Advice

Your pregnancy cravings: explained

Pregnancy yens can range from the ordinary to the full-blown extraordinary. Whether it’s a straight-up hankering for the classic jar of pickles, waffles and ice cream, or a more bizarre desire for coal, dirt and even laundry detergent, cravings and pregnancy go hand in hand.  However, why pregnant women experience such…

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Pregnancy Nutrition: Your Guide To Prenatal Supplements

It’s no secret that optimal nutrition will lay the groundwork for a healthy, happy pregnancy. Just think of all the goodness your body needs to create a little human! Thanks to our highly refined, modern-day diets, getting your daily allowance of all the essential baby-growing nutrients can be pretty darn…

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How to plan a baby shower step by step

The arrival of your little babe is fast approaching. Everyone is waiting with baited breath to meet the new member of your family – and what better way to celebrate this joyous occasion than with a party? Whether you’re the mum-to-be, best friend or family member, a baby shower requires…

Your essential guide to pregnancy hormones
Maternity & Nursing Advice

Your essential guide to pregnancy hormones

Pregnancy can turn any seemingly sane woman into an unpredictable and volatile creature – and for good reason. The culprit? Hormones. Blamed for every bloat and blemish, this turbo cocktail of chemicals has earned itself a pretty bad rep during pregnancy. It’s not all bad news though. You’ll be glad…

Maternity & Nursing Advice

Don’t panic! Labour guide for Dads-To-Be

Though no one wants to see a loved one suffer in pain, admittedly, most fathers see the birth of their little babe as one of life’s finest moments. Of course, what makes this occasion even sweeter is the knowledge you’ve been there to help and support your partner. But given…

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Top Tips to Relieve Pregnancy Boredom

What could be more exciting than the first few months of pregnancy? You’ve just been told you’re going to be a mum; you’re constantly receiving compliments about your gorgeous ‘glow’ – not to mention your luscious locks; and yes, you can indulge in that tub of ice cream without feeling…

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Your Week By Week Pregnancy Guide

Congratulations – you’re pregnant! If you’ve ever wondered what on earth baby gets up to in there, join us to discover your week by week pregnancy guide. First trimester After the magic of conception, baby is a teeny tiny embryo – two layers of cells that will multiple and multiple,…