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Being pregnant is the most exciting yet worrying time. Let us help make your day a little easier with some helpful tips from real mums – they really have seen it and done it all!

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Your Week By Week Pregnancy Guide

Congratulations – you’re pregnant! If you’ve ever wondered what on earth baby gets up to in there, join us to discover your week by week pregnancy guide. First trimester After the magic of conception, baby is a teeny tiny embryo – two layers of cells that will multiple and multiple,…

Breastfeeding – Managing Expectations
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Breastfeeding – Managing Expectations

Breastfeeding. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. Or is that just what we are lead to believe as a first time mum? It can be really hard listening to conflicting advice from midwives, health visitors, and even friends and family. You hear stories from people you know who…

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Guide to Twin Pregnancy

Week by Week Guide to Twin Pregnancy By So you’re about to become a Mum of twins. A happy surprise that sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Having twins is common, 1 in 63 births consist of twin pregnancies. But not many Mums experience this on…

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How Dads can help with Breastfeeding

Deciding to breastfeed your new baby is special and wonderful for so many reasons. With benefits which go way beyond nutrition. But it’s not always plain-sailing – in fact it’s very often fraught with obstacles. I feel quite passionately that this should be spoken about more, so that women are…

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How to Test for Pregnancy at Home

Bio: Sophia Nguyen is the owner of “Healthy Baby Happy Earth” website. She is a blogger, and she loves writing about pregnancy, babies and helping new mom by providing only the useful information. Read her new post What I Needed 16 years ago… Once upon a time, in November 2001,…

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Why am I always so Disheveled?

Written by Holly from Little Pickle’s Mom Change There are some things about my physical appearance that have noticeably changed since becoming a parent. The ‘Mum-Tum’, dark eye bags and ever-changing breastfeeding boobs size were all to be expected. But I wasn’t quite prepared for the constant state of… well,…

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Figuring out Life as a Stay at Home Mum

Written by Holly from Little Pickle’s Mom I think part of me always knew I’d end up being a Stay at Home Mum. I kept telling myself throughout my pregnancy that I’d wait and see how I felt. You can never know how you’ll feel until it comes down to it……

maternity leave planning for
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Planning for Maternity Leave: Six Top Tips

Top Tips for Maternity Leave By Hayley Jones from Devon Mama Despite planning for it for months, finishing work and going on maternity leave still catches many mums out. It’s a huge step that often marks the biggest shift in identity in our adult life. Especially if you’re a first…

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Using Compression Socks During Pregnancy

By Sarah, Editor of Compression Info. Sarah enjoys living an active lifestyle, which is why she values the importance of sharing and exchanging information about the benefits of compression gear. Why your Feet Swell During Pregnancy… With pregnancy comes a whole new list of things that will start happening to…

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The Power of Online Friendships

By Susanne from Ghost Writer Mummy Thirteen and a bit years ago, I took a pregnancy test. And as the boldest of blue lines began to appear, my world started to shift. It was as though the ground beneath my feet was becoming softer, and I was suddenly more vulnerable,…

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Changing Relationships after your First Baby

Written by Holly from Little Pickle’s Mom Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: It’s the thing you’ll get told countless times during your first pregnancy, and you’ll spend months trying to prepare yourself for it, but life really does change when you become a parent. I thought I was ready…

cloth nappies
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Reusable Cloth Nappies

By Katie Atkinson from Gold Dust Prior to having my little girl I hadn’t considered anything other than disposable nappies. If it wasn’t for having a newborn trial pack of reusable pop-in nappies, I probably wouldn’t have thought twice. But here we are, almost 9 months down the line and…