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Baby’s First Christmas – How to Survive

This year we’ll be celebrating Baby’s First Christmas with our second son, Freddie who has just turned 11 months old. Having enjoyed a first Christmas with our first son, Olly back in 2013 I have a little experience on my side and this year things will be a little different. Sometimes, the most pressure we feel is the one we put upon ourselves so this year here’s four things I’ll be doing this year…

Don’t set your expectations too high

Babies under the age of one don’t know what day it is so won’t really know it’s Christmas at all. All they will be interested in is the wrapping paper, the cardboard boxes and food / milk. There is so much pressure about how perfect Christmas Day should be but in reality it can be just like any other day with a baby. They will probably be sick / dribble down their new dress or new outfit

Stick to their routine where possible

If your baby is in a good nap routine, try and stick to it. Let them sleep in the car if travelling falls during naptime or take them out in the pushchair for a nap and get some fresh air. Baby’s out of their routine can be extremely cranky and it can be quite stressful if baby doesn’t want to fall in line. Also if they’re weaning, you might want to consider your baby eating at their usual time and offering them a Christmas Dinner later in the day.

Don’t go overboard with gifts

It is with no doubt that family and friends will send a gift for the baby for their First Christmas. Therefore, this year we are limiting the gifts we are giving to Freddie as he will get so many, they’ll just end up overwhelmed with it all. If you want to buy something special for their First Christmas, buy a beautiful keepsake decoration and save your money to take them out in the new year.

Keep traditions simple

As tempting as it is to start new family traditions, keep them simple and affordable. Babies and small children won’t appreciate all your hard work and effort and you don’t want to set yourself up for the following years where finances may be very different. I started a Christmas Eve box with Olly where he gets new pyjamas / sleepsuit to wear, a new Christmas book to read and a small Christmas themed toy to play with. The toy kept him entertained for a few minutes and he kept going back to it during the day.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Baby’s First Christmas.

Emma Shilton is a parenting and lifestyle blogger and ambassador for The Essential One. You can find her own blog at

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