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Pregnancy Blog: 6 Month Pregnancy Bump Diary: Dear Beautiful

It feels like the sixth month has been pretty quiet really. It’s mostly been a case of business as normal as my belly grows and grows, and we look ahead to life as a five. I guess the second trimester coming to an end is a highlight… two thirds down, one third to go! And my goodness is this pregnancy absolutely flying.

We have started to begin picking up odd bits for little Flump now, which I always think is so exciting. I chose the fabric I will use to make her patchwork quilt (I made patchwork quilts for my previous two children, so it seems only right to make my newest baby one too), I have picked up some muslins and some bits and pieces to make her little nursery space lovely too. I really don’t NEED to get her anything new, as she could probably manage with hand-me-downs, but there is something about a new baby which I think deserves some new things too. So she’ll definitely be getting plenty of things which are just for her.

She’s been growing and piling on the weight mostly; she’s about a foot long now, and probably weighs about two pounds. She’s also been testing out her limb movement and wriggling around alot more, which is always so reassuring. I definitely don’t feel her movement in the very centre oftummy, which is weird because I can often watching her kicking there but just don’t feel a thing (themidwife assures me this is to do with my placenta being in the way). But I definitely feel all the kicks and punches which come out towards the sides of my bump, or up towards the top.

My two children have been getting to feel some of the movements this month which has been magical. While my two-year-old daughter seemed kind of nonchalant about the whole thing, my four-year-old son was super excited to get to feel his littlest sis, and has been asking to feel her move every day since.


I’ve had a relatively symptom free month thankfully. The nausea of the first trimester feels like a distant memory now, and the heartburn I started getting at the beginning of the second trimester seems to have vanished too.

I have been suffering with quite a lot of bump ache and struggling with a general heavy and uncomfortable feeling in my tummy which I didn’t have with the previous two. My midwife thinks a lot of it is because my stomach muscles are quite tight and that I am so busy and active… I think I definitely need to start resting a bit more and that will be a lot easier when I finish work as a dance teacher this coming week.

Aside from work keeping me from fully relaxing, I also appear to have gone into full on nesting mode. I went very ‘nesty’ in the final month with my previous two babies, but this time I’m clearly going to take more than a full trimester to nest, instead of just a few weeks. I don’t feel like I can rest until things are clean and tidy and just how I like them, and I’m getting very twitchy to start preparing everything for Flump, even though I know it’s still very early and I need to hold off for a little while.

Sleep is a bit touch and go. Some nights my head hits the pillow and I sleep like a log until morning, other nights I struggle to get comfortable and spend a lot of time tossing and turning. I don’t think the heat has been helping, and it’s tough to tell whether my sleep troubles are pregnancy related or just summer related. But in the scheme of things I feel like I’m sleeping pretty well really, and my husband is being a star about jumping out of bed to watch the kids so I can have a lay in in the mornings wherever possible, which is lovely.


In a word, no! I’m either wearing very loose summery dresses that have plenty of bump space, or I’m wearing proper maternity wear. Comfort is key when you have a bump and it’s hot out!


I’m looking forward to doing more preparations. Painting the cot is high on the agenda, as is getting a new storage unit so that I can start washing and putting away those precious first little baby items. I’m also hoping that I’ll make a really good start on Flump’s patchwork quilt and a little pram blanket too this month… my nesting appears to have extended to needing to craft things and feel really productive, as well as growing and producing a tiny human being too.

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