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New Baby 0-18 Months Advice

5 Top Tips for Starting Weaning

There’s no denying that introducing your baby to food is such an exciting time. Whether you go down the more traditional puree route or le

Here are our top five tips for starting to wean your baby…


1. Start Slowly

Don’t rush to introduce your baby to lots of different tastes and sensations all at once. Instead take it easy and slowly and introduce him to these new experiences slowly. Perhaps start on baby porridge and then every few days introduce a different vegetable or fruit. Also don’t be afraid to try your baby on things you might not first think of- babies like a different range of tastes, including bitter ones like lemon. Also make sure you let baby try vegetables without mixing with fruit first of all, or you may find that you baby is rather partial to the sweet side and will struggle at a later date to eat the vegetable on it’s own.

2. Have fun and let your baby experiment

Yes it can be incredibly messy, take a long time and also you might be worried about your baby choking. But it’s so important to let your baby experiment and enjoy the fun that comes with food, as it will help create a lasting love for eating and dinner times. Encourage them to lick, squeeze, mash and play with their food when they are little, they will learn table manners soon enough. Also although it isn’t always possible, do try and sit and eat with your baby at the table as a family too. Make mealtimes sociable and fun.

3. Milk is still so important

Even though your baby will work up to three meals a day quite quickly, it is still important to make sure they get milk in their first year, whether that’s continuing to breastfeed or by formula or follow on milk. It’s so important for their growing bones. Milk still provides most of the nutrients your baby needs – as the amount of food your baby eats increases, the amount of milk they take will decrease. Try and also get calcium into them in other ways, through yoghurts, cheese and other dairy items.

4. Offer your baby two courses

A savoury food followed by a sweet one is a great way to offer a wide range of tastes and helps provide your baby with a variety of different tastes. It’s also an important way of your baby learning the structure of mealtimes.

5. Don’t give up

It can be so easy to feel daunted by weaning, especially if your baby is refusing the food that you are offering. But don’t give up, keep giving the same taste a few times over different days. Apparently it can take up to 14 attempts sometimes before a baby learns to like a new food, especially the more challenging tastes, so plesae don’t worry if your baby grimaces or refuses certain foods at first. They will soon get used to it and will soon be eating like a pro. Weaning doesn’t have to be daunting and can be a really fun and exciting time with your baby.


Good luck!


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