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‘My experiences of pregnancy the sixth time around’ – Kara: Mum to be.

It is Kara’s turn, we asked her some questions as she is an experienced Mummy to five….

How this pregnancy has differed to your others?

It is true what they say “Every Pregnancy is different” – not one of mine has been the same.  I was however convinced that bump was a girl this time as I tend to suffer with morning (all day) sickness for longer with girls, but this one has proved me wrong and although I am not suffering daily, it still comes and goes even now!

With my eldest – Abbey, I sailed through pregnancy with no real problems other than morning sickness, even wearing heels throughout.

Callan was a bundle of trouble from the start – I had an amniocentesis with him as they thought he had Downs Syndrome and I was in and out of hospital with PV bleeding on and off throughout the pregnancy, but he was absolutely fine!

Kian was my biggest baby and I was working on my feet all the time when pregnant with him.  I had a car accident when I was 6 months pregnant and had back problems for the rest of my pregnancy as well as carpal tunnel syndrome – definitely the most difficult!

With Isaac I sailed through with no problems until I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes at 28 weeks.  I really struggled trying to manage my diet and ended up on insulin for the remainder of my pregnancy.  It is quite a surprise finding out just how much sugar is contained in some foods that you think are healthy!

Eliza, I had morning sickness lasting for 6 months and was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes at 12 weeks.  I managed my food a lot better this time although still ended up on insulin from 20 weeks.

This little one has also been a bundle of trouble.  I had a 1/12 chance of having a baby with Downs Syndrome so this time had a CVS which is a lot more invasive than an amniocentesis.  Thankfully it came back all clear.  I was again diagnosed with Gestational diabetes early on and the tips of my fingers are now numb from the constant blood tests and this time I have been having weekly scans to monitor not only the size of the baby, but also my amniotic fluid levels as these are very high.
What are you most looking forward to this time around?  

Meeting our new little man and introducing him to the family – nothing beats newborn snuggles!

And what are you not looking forward to?

Staying in hospital for 24+ hours – I have to stay so they can monitor baby’s blood glucose levels and from experience it is a nightmare trying to sleep on the ward as you get woken up by everything going on around you.

What were your previous births like?  And what kind of birth do you want?

I have had natural births each time with just Gas & Air and the last two without any pain relief at all.  Both Isaac and Eliza were both just over 2 hours, so the same again would be good, although I would prefer being able to walk around unrestricted – because of the GD I have to be constantly monitored.

Have you had to buy much?

I still have the pram, a car seat and the cot, but everything else I have had to buy again!  I have the most gorgeous first size clothes from Essential One, which I bought back in March and keep getting out to look at!

What would your main essentials be for a new Mum?

A helpful partner – someone who can run around with a duster / hoover, make tea and shoo the guests away when you need to sleep.

Comfortable clothing and a good nursing bra (if you are planning to breast feed)

I swear by Lansinoh cream for sore nipples too



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