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10 Facts About Breastfeeding…

Here at The Essential One, we believe in selling just the essential clothes that you will need for your baby.  The same goes for our maternity range, we make comfortable, soft, stretchy clothes that will last you from when you find out you are pregnant until the first few months after you give birth.

With that in mind most of our maternity clothes are fully accessible for nursing Mummy’s if you decide to breastfeed your baby.  We believe that every woman has a right to choose how you wish to feed your newborn but if you do decide to breastfeed then we wanted to make clothes that help make the process as easy and seemless as possible.

With that in mind today we decided to publish a blog post with 10 facts about breastfeeding that you may or may not have known.

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1.  Breastfeeding reduces the risk of you developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

2.  Nearly 75% of women produce more milk on their right hand side! (strange!)  This can cause a feeling of slightly unevenness but don’t worry, not enough for people to notice.

3.  When you breastfeed you release a hormone called oxytocin.  This is the same chemical released in your brain when you fall in love- no wonder it makes both you and your baby all relaxed and happy.

4.   Breast milk is a perfect food for your newborn baby. It gives them all the nutrients they need for healthy development. It is safe and contains antibodies that help protect them from common childhood illnesses such as diarrhoea and pneumonia- especially good when entering the ‘common cold season’ like we about to do so.

5.  Breastfeeding can help you return to your pre pregnancy weight a little easier, although of course this should never ever be rushed.    It takes 1000 calories a day on average to produce breast milk. Definitely an excuse for an extra piece of chocolate cake! 😉

6.  Human milk contains substances that promote sleep and calmness in babies. (although we aren’t sure after last nights 4am wake up call!)  Breastfeeding also helps calm and relax you and helps you bond with your baby.

7.  Bigger isn’t neccessarily better!  The amount of breast milk you produce doesn’t correlate to the size of your boobies! 😉  and your breasts will only produce as much milk as your baby needs, no more and no less. When you start breastfeeding, your breasts will start producing more milk, but as feedings slow down, your body just naturally works out how much your baby will need.

8.  Thirsty Thirsty Thirsty- If you have breastfed you will know it makes you thirsty.  Breast milk needs water and it’s important to have a glass handy nearby as halfway through you will almost certainly need to drink something.

9.  No two mothers have the same breastmilk- even the scent is different and a baby would be able to sense it’s mothers scent even if placed next to other mums.

10.  Breast milk boosts IQ-  In addition to lowering the risk of childhood obesity, breast milk may boost IQ scientists believe.  So if you want the next Einstein in your family, now you know what to do! 😉

How did you choose to feed your baby?  We would love to know.

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2 thoughts on “10 Facts About Breastfeeding…

  1. I’m breastfeeding exclusively. It’s hard work some days especially when I haven’t eaten enough but I love it. We’re looking into combination feeding as my 16 week old is one hungry boy but we’re fighting it at the moment (I read the back of the tub in the supermarket earlier and all I can say is formula is complicated!! My little boy is almost 4 months but is the same weight as a 6 month old according to the packet!) I knew the fact about reducing chances of cancer and the different smells.

    I didn’t know about the right producing more than the left but I can kind of understand that.

  2. Well done to you for exclusively breastfeeding your little boy Hannah, you should be so proud of the fact you have done it for so long. 🙂

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