Hospital Bag

At the essential One - we only list for you the things you really need to take to hospital for your new baby.Your all essential Hospital bag needs to be ready from 36 weeks and the trick is not to pack too much. There is limited space in maternity wards and you will only usually be there for a couple of days,so you only need to take a few real baby essentials with you. Pack plenty of sleepsuits as they are so practical and don't forget a special outfit to take baby home and for those all important first few days photos!

I'm Essential

Your Take to Hospital List

  • 1 Pramsuit
  • 5 bodysuits
  • 3 sleepsuits
  • 1 All in One
  • A pair of scratchmitts
  • A blanket
  • Soft cotton hat

And don't forget...

That all important take home from hospital outfit including a pramsuit, cardigan and hat!

If you are looking for a gift or for the ultimate must have pack- we have put all items together in a choice of essential gift sets including a take to hospital pack. Click on the Essentials sections on the home page of our website

If your baby is born at full-term and is average size (between 6-9 lbs) then he or she will normally fit a Newborn size